I am interested in a Feb 2003 Maruti Suzuki Zen 2 Door The

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I am interested in a Feb 2003 Maruti Suzuki Zen 2-Door The car has done 65000 KM and is listed for Rs. 2,10,000/-. Is the dealer asking for the right price or is it a bit higher. Considering the fact the the car has done 65000 KM
  • 4435 day(s) ago by Karan Nandan
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Gurbir Singh Sahni
better to go for New Car preberly Wagon R, recently i bought the same since Maruti is giving huge discount. You have to put 1lacs extra.

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

No ! All Prices of 2nd Hand vehicles have Slashed down.
2003 Zen should come within 1.5lac Good Condition.

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

Hi....Never purchase a car from the dealer.Reasons being:
1.Higher price
2.Meter reading is always changed to lesser reading than the actual one

If u really want to purchase this vehicle you can pay 1.45 lacs maximum for a 2003 Zen.

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

I am interested in a May 2001 Maruti Esteem First Party. The car has done 78000 KM and is listed for Rs. 1,25,000/-. but this car not in dealer. Some one personal Car. it's price okay..

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

Its really a high price... don't ever go for that a 2007zen estilo cost 2.8 lacks and 2006 wagnor cost 2.7lacs from indus delar kerala kottyam..

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

if this is in original paint and non accidental so price is 20 k high If i m not wrong u talking abt zen carbon 2 door this is limited addition car i recently sell my car in 1.75 onli 55 thousand run according to my car this is costly

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

yes may be high but if you like negotiate for max 1.8

Posted: 4434 day(s) ago

Karan Nandan

thanx guys for all your inputs...

Posted: 4431 day(s) ago

Pankaj Kumar
hi there , i know its very hard to know about the market price for car, but i m gonna to tell u that 2 door cars are cheaper then 4 door , as i have 2 door car , i have to face a lot of problem with 2 door car , i bought the car only for me , but now i cant go alone for a long drive so i need friends , and two door car is not good, 03 model is good , 65000 is good as well , but as i think 2 door car is a bad point so try to get that car in 180000rs

Posted: 4424 day(s) ago

Karan Nandan
hi Punkaj

I guess its just a mind set... I was abroad for 4 years and had a 2 door sedan(honda sedan ). I bought my first car in 2004 and since then I have changed 2 cars both 2 door . now that I have come back , I am looking for a 2 door car. I don't like 500 by fiat, it looks like a lady's car.

Punkaj you said you have a 2 door car, which one do you have?

Posted: 4422 day(s) ago

Pankaj Kumar
i have pegoute 206 , i have been living in abroad since 2 year , i bought my first car in india 2006 4 door, but in abroad i bought my first car in 2007 i thought , i m alone here but now i have to face alot problems with 2 door car ,

Posted: 4422 day(s) ago

Karan Nandan

goodday mate

Like I said, Its just a mind set... In India car are still thought as family cars. the concept of a two door car has not yet come in... may be that is way 2 door cars fail in india... But things are changing now, there has been a drastic change in the past 4 to 5 years.

I have had 2 door cars ever since I bought my first car. I would love to have a Mini Cooper in garage one day but I think I would take a lots of time before MIni Cooper comes to India.

I can export the car, but it would cost loads of money...

Posted: 4421 day(s) ago

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