Hi i am using Alto K10 LXi Model 2011 it was giving a

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i am using Alto K10 LXi Model 2011.
it was giving a fantastic mileage of 18 with Ac on Delhi Roads & up till 20 with AC on Highway.
My car has completed its 56K Kms till date& its Tyres has been outdated in front, i had got the Tyres changed for the front with Michelin , i had noticed average of my car has suddenly drooped down to 12 to13 kms with AC.
i get my car serviced outside dealer network but with a genuine person from last 3 times but i had never noticed the problem of drop in mileage . i reported the problem to the person, he had also checked the spark plug but he didn't found anything wrong & in every service ( after 10000 Kms) Oil filter , air filter & Engine oil get changed , but mileage has not improved .
please help me over same how to get the mileage rectified to previous ??does it implies that Michelin tyres are not been made for car like Alto or does it a effect of getting only two tyres changed ???please suggest
  • 1876 day(s) ago by Mudit Tandon
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there must be a change in the size of the type. Check the size of your type. Whether it was same or not?

Posted: 1875 day(s) ago

Mudit Tandon
Hi Sahil

i had checked the size before getting it replaced with Michelin

don't know what is wrong as earlier also once i used to get my car serviced outside , i never faced problem related to mileage .but Suddenly after changing two tyres in front with Michelin, average dropped down even on highways

Posted: 1875 day(s) ago

As vehicle is already run 56000 km, the problem could be due to faulty fuel injection system , or others related to engine. Though tyres do affect mileage, it won't be drastic. Please get the car re inspected.

Posted: 1875 day(s) ago

Dear , pl get the car Tuned up in a genuine Maruthi Workshop, chek tyre pressure , and be in the speed range of 50- 60 KM / H
I feel ythings will iomprove

Posted: 1875 day(s) ago

Mudit, I agree with Mr. Nair & our respected Car Expert, Mr.Shankar. Pl get ur car inspected at a Maruti Service Masters(MSM) workshop. I think u must ber knowing that MSM is a Maruti's own workshop and the service is really good. Thay will go to d crux of the problem. Let us know the reason of ur problem once it';s solved.

Posted: 1875 day(s) ago

check all break system

Posted: 1875 day(s) ago

i suggest to get tuned your car from dealer i was having the same problem,it's better if u connect ur car's engine with the computer if there will be any minute reason for it they will let u know and computer will rectify ur problem

Posted: 1872 day(s) ago

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