Which car would be the best option Swift Honda Amaze

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Which car would be the best option?Swift, Honda Amaze ,Etios Liva or Polo
  • 1820 day(s) ago by K M SRIVASTAVA
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Among the options mentioned,Honda Amaze would be best one for combination of styling,performance and brand value.

Posted: 1820 day(s) ago

Amaze is the best

Posted: 1817 day(s) ago

Amaze for me having cheap interior looks yet very fine car in drivability and smoothness.
Polo has very less boot space at rear.
Etios and Liva are good but more fragile in body

Posted: 1703 day(s) ago

I am planning for a petrol car.. which one wud u prefer? swift or Amaze?

Posted: 1703 day(s) ago

I am confused between amaze and polo which is a best car for me

Posted: 1623 day(s) ago


Bought Honda Amaze Diesel SMT I Dtech. Its 1500 cc engine. it`s a sedan car.

Exterior Look: 1) Is very Good Interior Look: 1) Interior look is good

1) Good Power 98 BHP
2) Honda Amaze – Diesel comes with ABS and EBD breaking
3) Fuel average in city is 16 kms & highway is 20 kms. Fuel saving in Diesel car is 14.286% per year
x 7 years = 100% saving in 7 years.
4) Shock-up are software and better than Dzire.
5) Clutch oil makes the clutch soft. I have not seen in D`zire. In-fact I have not checked, that would be the
right thing to say.
6) NVH level, Clattering & Mileage: if one drives in one gear for a long time. To reduce the
NVH and clattering - RPM meter helps to reduce it by synchronizing the gears as mentioned
below, you will feel the difference. It will also increase fuel efficiency. Initially you may find it hard, but
once you get the hang of it, you will automatically reduce your acceleration and your car will
automatically roll in one gear and eco lite will be constantly on. In this way your gear shifting will
reduce. Focus a bit more on RPM and Eco Lite you will get the hang of it.

When you shift to 1st gear you can pull your car to 1500 RPM. On 1500 RPM shift to 2nd gear. Then RPM
on every 2000 RPM change gear so you don't strain the engine. Only in climbing you can pull it to 2500
Most of the time eco lite will be on and average and engine life will be good and the drive will be very
very smooth.

with regards to insulation of the cabin some say it`s pathetic - I would only say on Mumbai Western
Express I have driven at 80kms an hour and my car windows are always up so I don't find the sound. I
assume it has to do a bit with gear shifting, just try if it helps you in some way.

1) Insurance: Don’t buy insurance from Honda. Insured Declared Value and cover is low. The
driver passenger covered is only Rs. 50000/- x 1 person. And the Co- passenger cover is only Rs.
50,000 x 4 persons. The Insurance does not cover Road side assistance, lock and key replacement.
You have to buy roadside assistance separately from Honda. But if you buy Bajaj
Insurance it covers driver passenger covered is only Rs.1,00,000/- x 1 person. And the Co-
passenger cover is only Rs. 1,00,000 x 4 persons. The Insurance does not cover Road side
assistance, lock and key replacement.

2) Music System:
a) Music system provided by Honda: 2 Din music system is bad. No CD /DVD player, No SD card
slot. It is limited to USB and AUX. Understanding that number of people buying CDs has
reduced but at-least they should have considered SD card provision and reverse camera
provision and Map option.

b) Front Speakers: They are cheap speakers. They don’t have speaker magnet. If you want good
speakers you can fix 6.5 inch speakers. The depth of the speaker can be maximum 3 inch, as the
door depth is 3 inch. With original speakers you get a thin .25 inch ring spacer so that the speaker
does not touch the door or the car window when it is rolled down.

c) Back Speaker : It`s made of paper cone and are of 5 inches. They are further mounted on a 3
inch vertical spacer so that the speaker base does not touch the rod that is passing horizontally. At
the back you can only mount 5.25 inch speakers. For god sake don’t fit larger speakers at the back it
will spoil the whole look of the original feel. You have to cut the metal sheet


3) Extended Warranty: Don't buy extended warranty you will save 6800/-. As in 1st & 2 yrs. of Honda warranty you will learn whether the engine is perfect or defective. The next extended warranty is covered by the dealer and not by Honda India. During the 2 yrs. Warranty, if you feel that you still want to go for an extended warranty before the expiry of your original Honda warranty, you can buy it.
4) Charging Socket: In Honda Amaze EMT and EXMT you do not get charging point. The roadside shopkeepers with a dual harness pull out a charging point FRO, THE AUDIO SOCKET. The 1st point goes to the deck and 2nd goes to the charging point. Both consume 12 Volts each from single wire that has 12 volts (single) fuse. Honda can void warranty with such alteration. And please avoid cigarette lighter for sure, as it requires 15 Volt. In such a scenario, it`s better to by SMT petrol or diesel.
5) Wheel Caps: You cannot fit wheel cap in base variant. Very Very Sad.

Maintenance Suggestion: USE MOBIL1 0w 40 – Oil is very expensive. Cost Rs. 3750/- for 4 litres. And you change your oils after every 12000 kms. Once a year you will change oil filter and engine oil. Fuel efficiency also increases by 20%, maintenance cost goes drastically down.


Place to Buy
Well Mr. Latish is a very humble and hard working at LINK WAY Honda Andheri (east), Mumbai – 9223546209.

Over all it’s a good product.
Thanks & Regards,

Ajay Rath – Mumbai
Cell: + 91 98331 48053

Posted: 1623 day(s) ago

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