I have a 1999 carborator engine Esteem car and like the

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I have a 1999 carborator engine Esteem car and like the engine which gives smooth drivinng but the body is falliing apart, can i fit the esteem engine to any other maruthi models like Alto,Zen? pl suggestme
  • 1829 day(s) ago
Under:   #Engine-related
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Santosh Kumari
As you said that you are having esteem engine which is in working position and you want to put this in the maruthi cars but do you know that Alto and Zen are having low hp power engine which might not be suitable in these types of cars so its better that you dont interchange things or part of cars like that because at the end of the day the company will suffer

Posted: 1827 day(s) ago

It wont be possible to fit Esteem engine to Alto or Zen.

Posted: 1827 day(s) ago

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