Hello I am eager to buy Hyundai i20 1 4CRDi Asta diesel

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Hello, I am eager to buy Hyundai i20 1.4CRDi Asta (diesel), but heard about the i20 have problem with suspension, pickup and vibration in stearing wheel, little bit confused, can i get some expert advice?
  • 1897 day(s) ago by N C Bhowmik
Under: Hyundai i20 #Cars
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Even i had taken a test drive a week back, found that pickup of Diesel i20 in 2nd gear was not good. Also the steering looked a bit light.


Posted: 1897 day(s) ago

I've had an i20 Asta CRDI for about 14 months now, and let me tell you most of your fears are unfounded. Merely because one car developed steering rattle, that doesn't mean every car has to be similarly afflicted. As for the suspension, it's not a problem, it's the way the car has been tuned - sprung rather softly - and so stability on undulating roads isn't great. Regarding pick up, I'm fairly certain you won't have any reason to complain. And if you do, you'll have to look outside the segment - because it is the quickest car in the Hatchback space. Even in the Popularity stakes it's doing well - because it's next only to the Swift in Sales, although it's the costliest Hatchback in the country. The bottom line is, no car is perfect, there's bound to be a couple of negatives; it's about how it fares against the competition that matters, and of course about your priorities (about which negatives are deal-breakers for you). So if you're looking for a Premium hatch the i20 is right up there, somewhere in front. If you're willing to live with a cramped rear as well as a smaller boot, plus the exclusion of a few fancy (albeit useful) features, the Swift is cheaper as well. And if you're looking for value, the Figo it is. In fact if you are willing to overlook the noisy engine and the lack of outright pep (compared to the i20, that is), the Figo has almost as much space inside, while being significantly smaller on the outside. And as for the Suspension - and consequently stability at speed - it easily eclipses the i20 (the ride can feel a trifle hard though, sometimes).
I'd however like to add one caveat about the i20; if you happen to be a keen driver (if you don't know what that means you probably aren't one) this isn't the car for you. Anyway whichever car you choose - Happy motoring
Suresh kumar

Posted: 1896 day(s) ago

Hey just wait for few months vw polo 1.5 tdi s cumin .. Hav a Luk at it

Posted: 1896 day(s) ago

Hi, instead of blindly going crazy for i20, have a closer look at Chevrolet Sail hatch too., its much more promising. dont go just for exterior looks of the car. CHeck out all the features, options, warranty, prices,service, spares. Suspension is uncomparable with any of the hatch or sedans in India

Posted: 1895 day(s) ago

There is no particular problem regarding suspension in i20 cars.I20 is good in performance and drive quality.Recommended to take a longer test drive to ensure quality of driving before booking the car.

Posted: 1894 day(s) ago

Just go for i20 ...dnt even consider uva or any other car.
Go for crdi asta trust me u wud love it ......the interior, quality of material is simply owsm
Nd its a very fast nd smooth car.

Posted: 1892 day(s) ago

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