Hi I have 2006 ford fiesta 1 4 TDCI car is running good

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Hi, I have 2006 ford fiesta 1.4 TDCI, car is running good but some times engine stalls in running while leaving the foot from the accelerator, authorised service provider told have to replace the clutch assembly. I need your help to rectify this problem because most of the time they service providers wrongly diagnosed.
  • 1927 day(s) ago by HASAN
Under: Ford Fiesta #Engine-related
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The problem could be in improper fuel supply.The best was to diagnose is to check with diagnostic kit connected which can be done at authorized service centers or modern service stations with diagnostic equipments.

Posted: 1927 day(s) ago

K. Hasan
Thanks a lot shankar.

Posted: 1918 day(s) ago

I am running into the same issue. I have a fiesta 2006 ZXI 1.4. TDCI. The car stalls loosing power.
Hasan, were you able this fixed. how is it doing now.

Posted: 1834 day(s) ago

i am getting into the same issue. My Fiesta 2006 ZXI 1.4 TDCI stalls suddenly while running. I have been running into this for last 8 months. Latangi Ford in Bangalore is unable to figure out where the problem is. Just keep replacing every part. They made me replace the Fuel pump which costed 32000/- and now i am running into the same stalling problem. Will help if any of you got your problems resolved.

Posted: 1753 day(s) ago

kindly insist your service dealer technical guys check the boost presure in idle condition and in 3000 rpm by diagnostic tool if it is as per specification go fuel system and check low pressure fuel circuit.

Posted: 1744 day(s) ago

I had exactly the same problem on diesel 56 plate fiesta - the fault was found quite by accident after many hours of searching - there are 2 wires that run down the drive shaft, although they look health and fine, the vibration from the drive shaft causes the wires to rub together - this then wears the plastic coating away leaving bare wires. This would result in the engine just cutting out whilst driving - even at 70 mph! - 2 bits of insulation tape and the wires strapped away from the drive shaft - and that solved the problem! Good luck!

Posted: 1406 day(s) ago

I have also problem in my ford fiesta 2007 sxi there is leakage from fuel pump i go authorized service center they told me apporx 60 to 70 will be charge for fuel pump so pls tell

Posted: 829 day(s) ago

Kindly assist I have 2006 Ford fiesta 1.6 dtci stalls while driving, week ago I had it like wanting to cut while driving at speed of 120km, but now drive only short distance it sta

Posted: 478 day(s) ago

Hi, anybody can give the location of Boost pressure sensor location of Ford 1.4 tdci engine.
I am also facing the problem of engine stalling problem.

Posted: 408 day(s) ago

just maintained your ford properly im on 213000KM till today still its doing fine..just i have to add one litter engine oil in 5000km what ever its a great car comfortable...

Posted: 142 day(s) ago

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