I am going to buy my first car I have selected Ford Figo

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I am going to buy my first car. I have selected Ford Figo Diesel Model (ZXI) because of prices of petrol are very high in near future and after getting car my usuage also increased. My budget is 6-6.30 lac. Hence, request please suggest, whether my decision is correct or wrong
  • 1905 day(s) ago by VINOD JADHAV
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The on road price of Figo diesel ZXi is nearly 6.3Lakh.For the kind of usage mentioned and for long term regular utility,Figo would be ideal selection worth buying.

Posted: 1905 day(s) ago

Vikas Kumar
instead of figo i think you should go for swift as it has a good mileage than figo and the maintainence cost very low of the swift and it also have a great resale value.................i think u should go for swift

Posted: 1904 day(s) ago

Hai, i belong a Renault Pulse which gives me a mileage of 18km inside the city with ac, so if u feel free try out my suggestion

Posted: 1904 day(s) ago

1. you should not buy a Diesel model, if your daily run is less than 60 km
2. Petrol cars are cheaper, easy to maintain, lesser tax , lesser EMI, runs smooth and you can go for CNG/LPG fitment in future.
3. Go for a break even analysis with 7 years life of a car and your EMI , Down Payment etc.
4. Diesel prices are also going high.
Look at the bigger picture.

Posted: 1904 day(s) ago

Prakash Borana Manor
go scoda fabia or wolkswagon polo, it is best to drive and polo will give you good milage. and german engine no doubt wonderful

Posted: 1904 day(s) ago

very nice answer by mr.shirish...I m also agree with him.

Posted: 1904 day(s) ago


Posted: 1904 day(s) ago

Well, different people have different taste for any thing including cars. To be honest I initially had some reservations about ford figo diesel, but after using it for about one year now I am very happy with this babe. It gives me 17 km/l in Delhi w/o a.c, handling is very good. I have honda city vteck also and believe me I some times find figo diesel better than h.city also as is does not tire me at all on longer drives. But again it depends on taste. Mr. Vinod should check and test drive all cars and see for himself the best car suits him. Swift is good but you see too many of these cars on road. So Vinod best of luck... Jasvir Teotia

Posted: 1903 day(s) ago

even when the diesel prices are fully deregulated, still Diesel is 20% cheaper compared to Petrol(Current Petrol is Rs. 75 & Diesel is Rs. 51. The Deregulated Diesel is Rs. 62). Also mileage and efficiency of Diesel is at least higher by 15-20%. Hence if someone has higher usage, Diesel Vehicles makes sense.

Posted: 1900 day(s) ago

Thumbs up with the Figo.. for the features and space i guess u dont get an money for value diesel car around.. not worth investing more for a diesel car especially as you intend to keep it.. There is no issues with service costs these days .. Just go for it...

Posted: 1900 day(s) ago

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