sir i have booked Quanto C8 i want to make some

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i have booked Quanto C8. i want to make some modifications A) i want to replace middle seat with Scorpio middle seat because i want central armrest.B)i want to replace present tyres with better & broader tyres C) I want to remove the spare tyre at the back & keep it inside. are these modifications possible at the dealer? i think scorpios width is similar to quanto , so replacing seat should be possible.....I am not in need of the third row of seats. I would rather place a parcel shelf behind the second row of seats.please reply.
  • 1995 day(s) ago by SALVANKAR
Under: Mahindra Quanto #Cars
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Akhil N Panchal
Go for pick up or genio

Posted: 1994 day(s) ago

These modification will burn ur pockets for sure! Think twice b4 touching anything.

Posted: 1993 day(s) ago

dear mr. akhil n. panchal..... please comment only if you understand the problem....presently the quanto is not available with a comfortable middle seat....a better recline , good bolstering & central armrest will make life easy for co-passengers....not everyone needs 7 seater suv...extra luggage space with parcel shelf is better.... the spare tyre at the back will start making noise after some days & can also weaken the hinges..... usually the company comes up with upgrades later... but at the cost of our money & inputs....thats the tragedy... they claim to spend lots of money on R & D ... but come out with a substandard product.... i understand the quanto rolls excessively....are these problems not know to the R & D team at M & M... & please I seek practical advice... thanks & sorry

Posted: 1993 day(s) ago

The Xylo E8's rear seat has a central armrest so you cud consider that though this isn't very back-friendly for the 5th passenger seated therein.

Removing the jump seats & installing a parcel shelf will not be an expensive proposition but retrofitting the spare tyre will surely be and probably requires immense expertise.

Posted: 1993 day(s) ago

thanks Mr. R. Singh for your prompt & accurate suggestion.I will definitely take up this point with Mahindra dealership.If the seat foundation brackets are identical there should be no i would like to add that Mahindra is trying to do many things with the Quanto....7 seater , muv, suv all rolled into one.... even Scorpio does not have rear spare wheel...but it still looks macho....whats the point in giving a cramped 7 seater... rather give a spacious 5 size in getting smaller present model the chauffeur is treated like a king and the owner who generally sits behind has no comfort.....thanks again

Posted: 1993 day(s) ago

The overall modification points can be carried out to Quanto.However chances of them being carried out at dealership is very less.It can be done at any modification centers outside.This would also mean that warranty is affected for relevant part of modification.
Recommended to speak to dealer service manager ones.

Posted: 1993 day(s) ago

i am planning to buy polo petrol version. no body clearly tellsme about mainteanance issues,spare cost issues, comparative performance with ford figo. Can anybody help me urgently

Posted: 1982 day(s) ago

Neeraj Gupta
there are other problems in quanto . there is lot of vibration upto the speed of 40 km middle row is not comfortable .no steering sterio control even in top model, i own c8 model

Posted: 1981 day(s) ago

I am also looking at modifying my quanto's middle seat, I am trying all the possibilities like retro fitting the recliner attachment or changing the whole seat with that of innova but not sure of matching of the brackets.

Posted: 1881 day(s) ago

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