Sir should mileage of honda city be calculated for35 or 43

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Sir should mileage of honda city be calculated for35 or 43 litres nd do v ve 8 litres petrol after range shows 0 in 2012 model
  • 2003 day(s) ago
Under: Honda City #Cars
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If you are doing full tank to full tank method, this shouldnt matter at all. And Full tank to full tank is the most accurate method. The 8L reserve is when the fuel tank symbol lights up, and that's pretty inaccurate.

Posted: 2003 day(s) ago

If the markings are noted on a paper and refilling is done as required, the distance covered between new position till old position would give fair idea of mileage in actual usage.

Posted: 2002 day(s) ago

Note down Odo reading soon after you fillup the tank drive the car in different terrain for say 400 to 500 Km and then again fill full tank the amount of fuel that you fill in is the amount of fuel used for the 400 to 500 Km run and this gives the Avj mileage.

Posted: 2002 day(s) ago

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