I am searching for a diesel hatchback but a bit confused

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I am searching for a diesel hatchback but a bit confused between the options
My options are swift zdi, I20 sportz and polo highline . Wanted a comfortable,specious,and economical car
Thank you
  • 1940 day(s) ago by Abhinav
Under: Volkswagen Polo #Cars
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Jaideep Ranadey
If u r looking comfort, space and economical then swift zdi is the best choice. bcoz i20 is worth less bcoz price is high but according to price its not more. running after 25k-30k km i20 is not good & fuel efficiency is not good and polo has less power less fuel efficency ... swift zdi is the best option..

Jaideep Ranadey

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

Among the options mentioned, Hyundai i20 Sportz tops the selection for styling,performance and availability of service network.

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

Gaurav Yadav
Go for i20 only , best among all , sports model have all wheel disc brakes with abs and airbags. Gaurav yadav

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

More than fuel efficiency... You and your family safety is primary. Hence Look for safety as well as fuel efficiency. You can sacrifice little bit of fuel compared to safety not vice versa..

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

Ford figo diesel is value for money

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

I ALWAYS ADMIRE THE POLO ...wonder why no one likes it so. The Swift is a tin box (dabba) and the i 20 looks cramped and the design dated.

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago


Please go for a test drive of Fiat Punto deisel.Active will cost u 6.2 onroad approx.It has best in the class leg room ,driving comfort and good road grip.the same fiat engine is used in swift,ritz,vista,sail etc.I am using for last 1 year.Just great vehicle and defintiely better than the ones u mentioned and bit lighter in price.Test dirve then u will surely agree

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

Sajil Nair
Hi, Please go for Hyundai i20, it is the best selling car in hyundai segment,amazing looks and design.......... go for i20 Asta (ABS) model......

Posted: 1940 day(s) ago

Go for swift zdi only all other cars are waste for your money . No resale value also.

Posted: 1939 day(s) ago

Buddy, the best option is swift ZDI, and if u wanna go for some german feel than go for fabia not polo...engine of both the cars r same (polo and fabia) but the space n legroom..fabia is much comfortable..although i20 is also a good car, but the problem is that its engine starts knocking after 75000-80000km..so if resale is not a problem for u then go for fabia top-end model or swift Zdi covers all the field..thanks..

Posted: 1939 day(s) ago

Go for Fiat PUNTO its amazing machine, Take a test drive then decide.
Also keep in mind any car which you will finalize should have 4 Cylinder Engine. Because 4 cylinder engines are lesssssss noisy, LOOOOONG LIFE, and value for money particularly in Diesel engine.

Posted: 1939 day(s) ago

Pls have all test drives for you self....don't miss new sail UVA it's a good value for car with good safety features...all the best..

Posted: 1939 day(s) ago

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