Dear Shiva I am in Kolkata and insearch of a good used car

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Dear Shiva I am in Kolkata and insearch of a good used car as I am in a tight budget. I have selected a mitsubishi lancer 1.5 lx 2006 manufactured 34000 kms run and tax upto 2017. it is white colour and ahs 5 almost new tubeless tyres with sony xplod music system The car is in excellent condition ( the carr looks like it is just out of the showroom). The dealer is asking a price of 2 lacs. Is the price a bit high for such a car? Also what will be the maintenance cost of this car? The dealer is telling that no maintenance cost is there except regular maintenance at 3 months interval costing about 900-1500 maxc. Also will there be any problem in finding the spare parts of this car in kolkata if it is required? will i get any resale vale of this car if i try to sell it after 4 years or so? Please replpy
  • 1985 day(s) ago by Arindam Ray
Under: Mitsubishi Lancer #Cars
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Lancer is a most expensive car maintainance wise. There are very few poeple on road who uses them. The spares are extremely difficult to find. One of my friend bought a Lancer for 1.5 Lacs. But till date he hardly uses it. He says that the car has poor milage and it is only for people with have healthy bank balances.
Although the look of the car is simply superb. If you only want the looks and have plenty of money you can afford such a type of car. Apart from that the resale value of the car is very poor. You might know, coz your dealer had given you a price of 2 Lacx for such luxury car. Think twice before u decide.

Posted: 1985 day(s) ago

hi man cont. my no. 09991722117 any time

Posted: 1985 day(s) ago

Kiran Arora
Lancer is gud car but used one think thrice ..... Repair may set u bak heavily ..... Don't buy ..... Plz ..... Ask shiva !!!! He s best man to answer ...... Shiva s guy whum cars cum n worship

Posted: 1985 day(s) ago

go ahead my dear i have a lancer and scorpio both are very good and value for money

Posted: 1985 day(s) ago

Considering the usage done, accessories available and probable condition, the Quoting price seems to be genuine and worth buying.

Posted: 1984 day(s) ago

The car is a brilliant piece of engineering . After using my Petrol Lancer for over 10 years and having driven over 80000km , i dont think there can be any better judge than me .
The only costs I incurred on the car ever were .
1. around 3,000 per year which included Engine Oil change, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter and Labour,Wheel Alignment and Balancing at Excel Motors (Mitsubishi Dealership, Delhi)
2. Tyre Change 185/65 R14 at 50,000 kms Goodyear NCT 5 for 20,000
3. Front Shocker Change L + R for 5,500 including Labour at 50,000 kms
4. Wiper Blades Rs. 400 every 2 years
5. Coolant Rs 2,000 every 3 years
6. Front Brake Discs Rs. 4000 at 50,000 kms

The Clutch was perfect .
The car never made any squeak or rattle .
It was one single piece of High Quality Engineering .

Total Rubbish that it gives bad mileage . I think the idiots do not even know how to drive .
It consistently gave me 12.5km/l with AC in summers and 14.5km/l in winters in the crazy Delhi Traffic .

The car still looks like Gold and is SEXY as Hell .

Mine is a Yellow SFxi . 2001 Registration . One of the only 5 in the Delhi NCR .
And I Bloody Hell know what I am talking about .

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

Thanks for sharing a good detailed ownership experience.

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

Hemant Kumat Uppal
All the answers given are correct and rational. "You see what you want to see". I have one 1999 model having done 1,24,000 kms. I get an average of 15 km per kg of CNG. Real cheap luxury. But when it comes to spares, its difficult. No genuine parts are available even with the dealers. That's really a handicap. Still all said & done its a superb piece of engineering. Have it and enjoy.

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

A Car clearly for the Rich they drive it enjoy it tear it down and when the problems start slowly palm it to a poor soul whose duty and hobby is to learn the different types of fault a used car can suffer.... so the New car advantage is what is being discussed above to sell a used Car... keep away from this White Elephant...

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

Sorry for my bluntness, but the fact is why the hell u want to go for this controversial baby when you have so many choices in the market. Take some time, go to the mkt and carry out a research on different babes and finalise the best suited to u & ur brequirement. Don't go on show-off and look 4 d best. Hope u understand!............Jasvir Teotia

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

whosoever is saying that a lancer is an expensive car to maintain has either never used a sedan or used it on compay's account ,like every other sedan which is slightly costlier to maintain than the alto's or the santros sedans any of them except the esteem are a bit costlier but the price at which u r getting the vehicle is not very high .,and yes there r some friend who always write negative comments on every thing on this earth its their habbit and if u read their earlier opinion u will find certain common things where everything is costly and not worth buying.

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

Arindam Ray
Shiva thanks for your valuable suggestion...please let me know whether the spare parts of the above mentioned lancer is available in kolkata

Posted: 1982 day(s) ago

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