sir i have booked a Quanto C8 however i am not sure

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i have booked a Quanto C8.however i am not sure whether to go ahead & buy the vehicle.Expert reviews state that the Quanto rolls & is unstable at speeds.It is top heavy & risky. Please advise.After investing 8.5 lakhs I don't want an unsafe vehicle.In case I intend to go ahead & buy which is better & practical C6 or C8 ? Also could you suggest any other SUV around the same price but safer.
  • 2014 day(s) ago by Salvankar
Under: Mahindra Quanto #Cars
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In my opinion , invest little more and get ERTIGA , you get more than what you paid for but Quanto literally COST cutting , interior pathetic no dashboard feel. and more or less you feel like driving an lorry....... but still you wanted it then go for C6 cas just the airbags, alloys wheel and reverse parking you pay almost 60-80 thousands ..

Posted: 2014 day(s) ago

Rajesh V.
My suggestion............ Go for Renault Duster. Its amazingly VALUE FOR MONEY and a very fresh looking SUV. Size is almost similar to Quanto but its well laid out and comfortable+ Safe to be in.

Posted: 2014 day(s) ago

Wait for 2 months and opt for Ford Ecosports. If you dont want to wait then go with Ertiga(MUV) or Duster (SUV).

Posted: 2014 day(s) ago

Vishal Sharma
Hi ,
If you are investing 8.5 lack and can compromise on milage then you can check Scorpio Lx if you wish to purchase mahindra vehicle in December .Yo may get some additional discount on insurance worth 20k and will cost you around 8.9lacks on road.

Posted: 2014 day(s) ago

Mahindra Quanto is good in performance and has spacious interiors with bucket seats for two passengers.The stability of vehicle is good and safe.
If looking for even better performance,styling, drive comfort etc then Renault Duster would be the best selection and worth taking a test drive.

Posted: 2013 day(s) ago

Kolme Md Saheb
once checkout at scorpio ex it is around same cost mileage around 14kmpl on high way perfect suv for indians.iwaiting period for duster basic model is 6 months by that time eco sport is coming moreover jeep from fiat sis concern is also coming

Posted: 2012 day(s) ago

Deelip Karandikar
Just test drive for Renuat Duster. Most probably you will change your decision from Quanto to Duster !!

Posted: 2012 day(s) ago

Don't go for Mahindra Product otherthan Scorpio.

Posted: 2012 day(s) ago

Rajan P
Every SUV has some amount of body roll because of the height. Quanto is no different. But the body roll is not as much as some people make out to be. And its definitely not "like driving a lorry". Its all bullshit.
Please take a test drive and decide for yourself. That is the Best way to select a suitable vehicle for yourself.

Posted: 2011 day(s) ago

Raviraj Bainsla
who say quanto like driving a lorry, Quanto is good in performance and has spacious interiors with bucket seats for two passengers. finely Mahindra & Mahindra MASTER OF DIESEL Car's in India

Posted: 2011 day(s) ago

Rajesh Narula
I am in full aggreement with Shiva

Posted: 2011 day(s) ago

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