hello sir i have booked vista quadrajet as suggested by

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hello sir, i have booked vista quadrajet as suggested by you and is to take delivery of my white vista on saturday. sir one point i like to ask you is that my many friends told they prefer suzukis, hondas, figos and polos and not tata. why are these people disliking tata. i am sure vista is a great value for money car and sturdily built and is a highway rocket. am i right sir.
  • 1989 day(s) ago by ARVIND
Under: Tata Indica Vista #Cars
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No...Tata's are not strong in Quality, Reliablity or in Service like Suzuki or Hyundai. At the begining all TATA cars looks good, value for money...but after 40,000km or 3 years you will experience the real problem of TATA cars.

Posted: 1988 day(s) ago

I am a TATA veh. using since 2000. just for value for money. Driven 3 varients of tata indica last being Indica V2 Turbo. Diesel . It is so high maintainance car. my car got rusted all over & had to sell .
other reasons not to vouch of tata cars is
-You will be treated like a cab driver in service centers
-Customer satisfaction after free service is horrible.
- You should be mentally ready for all kinds of noises after doing 25000- 30 k milage


Posted: 1988 day(s) ago

i m planning to buy a good sedan in range of 6-8 lacs i have tried swift dezire vxi but boot space is issue than i tried volkswagan vento which i found much better and also geeting good deal on it just want to know is it a good brand and quality car to spend on.

Posted: 1988 day(s) ago

Dr.Chava.Satya Prasad
TATA Vista is a good vehicle .but regarding engine side it isn not equable to Swift in Service longevity and for re sale Think about Swift and Toyota Etios liva Dsl

Posted: 1988 day(s) ago

Tata Indica Vista Quadrajet has the same engine as in Swift and Punto.The performance of Vista is good and long term reliability can be got.It also has advantage of better spacious interiors.Its a worthy selection.
As far as service is concerned,Compared to service of Maruti Suzuki cars, there is still lot to improve in service quality of Tata Cars.The main reason could be the too much intake of vehicles per day than the efficient capacity at the particular service center.

Posted: 1987 day(s) ago

Have a test drive of all before buying. Vista is more comfortable and Cheap than Swift and Punto.

Posted: 1986 day(s) ago


Posted: 1986 day(s) ago

Sanjeev Kumar
As a previous user of the car you are talking about, i must say that you may have to keep a permanent Car pusher to start the engine after 50000- 60000 km mileage

Posted: 1985 day(s) ago

Nagesh Gupta
your selection is good. because we are already mantaining a quatrazet vista car.resale value,average,space,comfort are more.and mantainance are less.

Posted: 1983 day(s) ago

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