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Question: If I'm going to take the most logical step and pay for it myself, what should that step be? (My gut is to try to replace the struts.)
*** This problem started immediately AFTER struts were replaced as a result of a recall (prior to the replacement there was no problem). Again, the struts are not the originals, but ones that Toyota replaced them with as a result of the recall. ***
*** This problem happens when it is cold (although not necessarily freezing), which isn't very often, so it is almost impossible to get it to repeat. ***
With the "new" struts, when I open my powered hatchback of my 2005 Toyota Sienna on cold mornings, it power raises, but will often then power lower (fall relatively slowly, but firmly - keeps pressing downward even if someone is under the hatch). In a way it seems like the hatch "hits" something at the top of its raising cycle, but there is absolutely NOTHING above it. The problem happens whether I open it using the hatch's physical handle, the button in the car, or the remote. It seems to only happen when it is cold. Toyota says that since it doesn't happen in front of them, they cannot fix it. In the pacific NW it is only cold enough a few days out of the year to have this happen, and even leaving the car has not resulted in the problem occurring in front of Toyota. Is the best/first thing I should try to replace the struts? (It seems that with the original struts there were no problems, then when there were new struts there were problems - wouldn't trying new struts be our best shot?) How likely will it be that replacing the struts will solve the problem? Is there anything this can be other than the struts?
  • 2016 day(s) ago
Under: Toyota  #Cars
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The problem seems to be more related to performance of engine than Struts.The thorough diagnosis check at the service center would indicate the exact problem.

Posted: 2014 day(s) ago

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