Hello I am getting a used mercedes SLK from chandigarh

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Hello, I am getting a used mercedes SLK from chandigarh.
Q1.Can the same be registered in New delhi?
Q2.How to verify, that the vehicle is good condition without any history of accident.
Q3.How can we understand, that the vehicle is original and not smuggled type.
Thank you very much,
  • 2036 day(s) ago by N.Mahajan
Under: Mercedes Benz SLK Class #Cars
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Hi, 1. yes you can get the registration transferred to Delhi bearing the RTO charges .
2.Check the car history in the service center or call the insurance company to know if there was any claim. But if the accident was repaired outside in a local garage you cannot really find out unless your an expert.
3.Check the vehicle number on vahan.nic.in and verify the details displayed match the RC book .

Posted: 2035 day(s) ago

Proper checking of vehicle service history available at the dealers and checking the documents would help.
You can use the facility of certification from cartrade.com for the same.

Posted: 2034 day(s) ago

Dear All:
Thank you very much...
1/I checked that in Delhi they are saying that Regn for outside vehicles is closed...how to do?
2/Reg. Certifications, I again checked however it is not so easy to check on site of "https://www.cartradeexchange.com/"... what is standard cost?

Once again, thank you very much for your kindness.

Posted: 2034 day(s) ago

Gobind SIngh
Dear Sir, 1)U cannot register any other states vehicle to Delhi. 2) Don't ever think of buying it and driving it without transferring on ur name. I got a shock when I did the same thing last year. I bought a car from a known person and was driving the CH number in Delhi. My car got stolen in march and the trouble started. After having full insurance, i have not got the claim yet. Thanks to my stars that the owner was in my touch & helped me in all ways..........So try to search Delhi registration......People have found God & this is just about a car.........Gud luck

Posted: 2012 day(s) ago

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