does the kms litre increase in a vehicle as time passes by

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does the kms/litre increase in a vehicle as time passes by?
  • 4459 day(s) ago by Siddhartha
Under:   #Engine-related
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B S Kumar
No. If anything it drops gradually as the engine loses compression. If your driving habits improve, you will be able to get better mileage!

Posted: 4458 day(s) ago

Nothing increases except age as time passes.
It depends on the nature of your driving

Posted: 4458 day(s) ago

ur qustion is not full. it is a half. ask any doubt with fully detail as model make what problem u r facing.hope u will reapeat ur doubt with detail . new vehicles gives exess millage after running 5000 kms ,bcause new vehicle piston comes from comany with tightness . by run some kms it comes some free to easy movement. in this first 5k run dont drive rushly otherwise bore will be seized in this position u will get too less millage. and when bikes go to non condition than millage comes some more millage beacouse engine parts runs without any gripps .

Posted: 4458 day(s) ago

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