Sir My question is little bit technical question and i

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Sir, My question is little bit technical question and i request mr. Shiva Shankar, car expert to respond my question. One of my friends told me that to reduce the speed of your car, you should push your break only but not along with clutch. You should push both Break and clutch only when you need to stop the car. Will it not harm the clutch of the car in case only break is applied but not along with clutch while reducing speed Sir?
  • 2018 day(s) ago by Partha
Under: Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire #Cars
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In gear selection, each gear can be used up to certain speed and in top gear max speed can be achieved.Suppose the vehicle is running at higher speed and brakes are applied beyond limit and vehicle speed is reduced lower than the applicable top gear selection speed, the vehicle would jerk and could lead to stoppage of car.
To avoid this generally clutch pedal is pressed and hence drive is disconnected.In case the speed is reduced say from 100KMPH in top gear to around 40KMPH then gears can be easily changed to third gear and clutch is engaged later on.This would avoid possibility of jerking of vehicle.
As the more preference is for smooth and comfortable driving, pressing clutch pedal is not wrong.Though repeated operation of clutch certainly increase wear of clutch, the rate is very very less provided its smoothly engaged.

Posted: 2018 day(s) ago

Rajkumar Karunakaran
Depends whether the post brake speed results in jerks or the speed reduction is to reduce gears owing to traffic or rules

Posted: 2017 day(s) ago

Dr Dilip
What your friend said is correct.To reduce the speed of the car you need to apply brake only. But when the speed of the car has reduced than the minimum speed required in that gear the engine tend to stall. At this moment you need to depress clutch to prevent the engine from stalling and change the gear to lower gear. Why you should do like this is because as soon as you take your right feet from the accelerator to press the brake the engine rpm is reduced . When the engine rpm is reduced it automatically reduces the speed of the car . So you get the benefit of engine braking. When you are going at high speed and if you press the clutch together with the brake the engine will have not control of the speed of the car and the brake requires more force to stop the car. Ideally apply the brake alone and when the engine is about to stall then press the clutch. You will get maximum braking efficiency and better control of the car

Posted: 2017 day(s) ago

Go back to basics may be to a driving school. I think you are a learner

Posted: 2017 day(s) ago

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