Sir I want to buy a diesel hatchback i am confused

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I want to buy a diesel hatchback. i am confused between Punto and swift. My monthly drive is about 400km. Maintenance and driving pleasure and comfort are my main concern. Kindly guide me regarding the same.
  • 2076 day(s) ago by Parminder Singh
Under: Fiat Grande Punto #Cars
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Maintainance & Driving Pleasure --Definitely Swift
For the Looks -Its Always Fiat Grande Punto

Posted: 2076 day(s) ago

Anoop Kishore Bhatnagar
Why you want to buy diesel vehicle when your driving is just 400 kms monthly. Just buy swift LXI or VXI Petrol version and enjoy the ride

Posted: 2076 day(s) ago

hii elan is just like a sheep which follows one another one..... u know .. the all swift are only driven by the fiat multijet engine..... even u can see the built in quality of punto.... u cant compare even a single nut with swift........ just take the driving quality of fiat punto.... and run car ar 135 km and see how much stable it is..... but if u drive theswift even after crossing the 100 u will feel urself as mightb car is not in ur control.......and u get the many feature in punto compare to swift that even swift people have not aware of it .. like double crank system,, fire protections system,,,,.abs with ebd,, and dynamic average mode... and seat belt alarm.. if ur window remains open not lock properly a audio and written msg will b displayed on screen .. steering adjust ment... and many... sooo all swift peoples r fool.. they want xeros copy .. not original one... recently 13000 swift crank pin was replaced .. because of .. they use to copy... hahahah .. even they cant copy properly... and in punto u will get 150000 km warrenty//// that u cant get in swift as might b they dont have faith on their product and mighat b it failss at 1lakh... for more contact me 09855880020

Posted: 2076 day(s) ago

by driving 400 kms a month just think how long will it take to recover the one lac rupees u will be paying extra to purchase the deisel motor.the price diffrence between petrol and deisel comes to 3 to 3.5 rupees a it will take approx. 28000 kms to cover the cost of diesel motor and considering ur 400 km a month it will take over 5 years.secondly there are less used diesel car buyers and u get less resale value from a diesel car then a petrol one as diesel engine demands more work then the petrol one.i really suggest u to invest in getting the top zxi variant rather then the diesel car check the zxi variant its loaded and the only expense u have to do is film and good quality seat covers. in this variant u dont have to cut the wires or make connections for stereo or remote locking and lots more goodies no after maket shop can install like stearing wheel remote for stereo,adjustable stearing,abs with ebd and airbags go for the swift zxi u will enjoy the goodies

Posted: 2076 day(s) ago

Fiat Grande Punto would be better choice for the better styling, lesser frequency of maintenance etc.However available at higher price compared to Swift.If service network,resale value.,cost is main criteria then Swift would give satisfactory ownership.

Posted: 2075 day(s) ago

I am surprised that with such a low driving , what do u need a car for. A car or taxi is going to be much cheaper than buying a car. Rest is upto u.

Posted: 2075 day(s) ago

Maruthi Swift will be best choice for you, as a good hatchback on indian roads with low maintainence cost and high re-sale value.

Ford is not compaitalble for heavy use of daily 400 km, ford is good for short distance daily usage. depending 400 km as daily use is not suitalbe for ford.

Posted: 2075 day(s) ago

Cars from maruti family is always good for indian buyers. But now a days it is changing. Lot of foreign brands available here and doing well. For built quality, volkswagen , nissan , skoda and toyota doing well. A 400 kms/month traveller don't look for mileage. They have to choose superior cars from nissan, VW etc. We can't predict that what will be the cost of Petrol/ Diesel after 2-3 years. So choose a good car and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

Posted: 2074 day(s) ago

Hi Parminder,

When u compare on the power and performance Punto outbeats Swift with a huge margin.!! After sales service will be a big issuesto Fiat cars.. Punto is the most powerful car in its class giving a stiff competition to i20..If u re willing to spend few extra bugs better go for i20..

Posted: 2074 day(s) ago

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