Hi I own Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi My doubt is regarding

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Hi, I own Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi. My doubt is regarding driving style in city limits. in many places speed restriction within city limit is 50kmph. After pulling the car to 50kmph by 4th gear, it is moving in 50kmph without acceleration in 5th gear(because of torque).Is it advisable to drive the car without acceleration?will it affect any internal part of the car (like clutch plate and other parts)? Hope my question is meaningful. Please advise.
  • 2112 day(s) ago by Anandan Rengasamy
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no it will not i will effect only if ur on uphill .. it starts jerking/.......... if u drive the car in 5th gear it will not effect the clutch .. it willl effect ..... if u use the accelerator suddenly which cause the tyre to rotate,,,,................ better if u can check manual ... there they hav mention in whivh speed u have to put which gear.... rest u can call 9855880020

Posted: 2111 day(s) ago

As mentioned in earlier comment,driving at lower speeds in higher gear results in jerking and even stoppage if speed is very less.Its better to use top gear after 70 or 80KMPH.Its always recommendable to drive car at prescribed speed in respective gear as mentioned in owners manual.

Posted: 2111 day(s) ago

V Vetrivelmurugan
What I feel is, you are trying to use the minimum speed of the gear level. The vehicle steadies and rolls out perfectly in steady roads. When u see an inclination in the road then u might be in a position to press the clutch slightly at that point of time you have to give gentle acceleration until u meet the flat road.
To be simple, I dont foresee any issues. You can go ahead :)

Posted: 2111 day(s) ago

1st Gear 1-10 kmph
2nd Gear 10-20 kmph
3rd Gear 20-40 kmph
4th Gear 40-60 kmph
5th gear 60-90 kmph
6th gear 90 and obv


Posted: 2110 day(s) ago

i do not think u will be looking at the speedometer all the time bfore changing gears if u can observe the engine sound it self tells u when a gear change is needed ,its just a matter of reflex ,u dont plan when putting ur foot on the brake pedal these things happen automatically offcourse with experience.

Posted: 2107 day(s) ago

my i20 keep on asking to move 6th gear at 150km speed while i am in 6th gear. any advice

Posted: 1477 day(s) ago

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