Hi All Request you all to help me decide in buying a

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Hi All,

Request you all to help me decide in buying a car.

MAjor question is how is Zen Estilo. I have seen mixed reviews for Estilo. I am trying to choose between Alto K10 and Zen Estilo.
Alto K10 Positives are : Price is good, meets my budget perfectly, is 3:70 on road in Mumbai
Alto is supposed to be a good car and have read very good reviews for Alto K10 (obviously much of the judgement is based on reviews as i don't have great knowledge about cars
and this is my first car)
Negatives - Alto is a small car thus not spacious.

Zen Estilo - Positives - Heard from some people that this car is much like Wagon R and is priced less (can't go for Wagon R as am not wanting to spend that much
so thought this is a good option)
Negatives - However when i tried finding info on net, i read mixed reviews so am really confused. Obviously i don't have concrete details so can't comment much.

But yes Estilo has an option for both CNG and petrol so if it is good i can choose the same car from the two versions (petrol and CNG).

Major question - Is Zen Estilo worth a buy. The petrol car is priced at 4:10 almost 40k above K10 so obviously it will be a good decision only if it is a good car.

Zen Estilo CNG is priced at 4:58 (a bit high in price as i was looking for 4:15 max). But then CNG cars are 45k above petrol so will need to shell that amount if i go for CNG (only if i go for CNG)

So two queries : If i go for a petrol car which one should i choose between Alto K10 and Zen Estilo Petrol
Is Zen Estilo CNG worth a buy (if i decide to go for CNG). Infact is Zen Estilo a good car be it any of the versions (petrol or CNG)

Request all experts to help me decide. Please give me updates on K10 and Zen estilo.

As i mentioned this is my first car and am pretty excited but at the same time don't want to regret my decision thus need good help from you all.

Expect to see many replies. Thanks in advance !!


  • 2111 day(s) ago by Anita
Under: Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo #Cars
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Hi Anita/Aditi
You have done a good analysis of costs and image of both cars.Both Alto K10 and Estilo feature same engine.The difference being fit and finish,interior space and styling.Alto K10 is good enough for 5 persons to travel.It has pretty good on road image too.Considering overall factors as mentioned, including price factor as mentioned, Alto K10 VXi would be ideal selection.It is petrol version car.Depending upon usage requirements, CNG kit can be fitted through authorized dealer later on.

Posted: 2111 day(s) ago

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the update. Actually had to think so much as i heard that factory fitted CNG kits are the best. Converted ones don't help much. Thus i thought better to think before buying. Unfortunately Estilo reviews are not good or would have preferred buying Estilo CNG.

I think now i am not left with a great choice. Even Alto LXI CNG is available but don't know if that is a good choice. Since Alto is already a small car and also CNG will take up boot space, i thought i could try Zen Estilo as it has good space.

But i think that will not help. ANy thoughts ?



Posted: 2111 day(s) ago

The Patriot
Hi Aditi, I think the K10 is the better car here, both care are not very great to look at but the K10 is better than the Estillo. The current trend in the used car market should also get your K10 a better value should you for some reason decide to sell it later.
But while on the topic, and since buying a car is pretty serious business, I would suggest you look at the Beat and the Figo as well, these cars are much more modern than the two you have chosen.

Posted: 2111 day(s) ago


I think Beat and Figo are costlier than K10. Also do they give good average. I have heard people saying that Maruti is best as far as average goes and also has a good resale value.

What do you feel ?


Posted: 2110 day(s) ago

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