I am planning to buy a car After discussion i thought

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I am planning to buy a car. After discussion i thought better to go for CNG and MAruti Alto LXI has a company fitted CNG. But after some discussion with someone having good knowledge for cars i am not sure abt this. As per him CNG though ppl feel saves money has lots of disadvantages which people don't know. Dealers don't tell as they want to sell things. He says that CNG is not at all good for long distance which is the reason ppl buy it as it saves money. After driving for long back seat get's heated up an ppl sitting behind may feel the pain. Pickup is very bad and considering that Maruti ALto is OK in terms of pickup it may go even bad with CNG. Safety cannot be 100%. if someone bangs from behind there are hign chances of an explosion. Infact he said that there are many other issues and i should connect to someone who has used a car with CNG and driven for long. I know noone. Can you please guide. Is this the truth of CNG. Now also is important to know whether this is the case with MAruti ALTO LXI CNG only as it is a low budget car or would be the case for any big car also converted to CNG. Please advice. Really will help me in taking a decision. Currently plan was to buy Maruti ALto LXI CNG.
  • 2057 day(s) ago by Anita
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Hridesh M
CNG is compressed natural gas.. which never explodes.. yes may be safety is not 100% but can be rest assured for non explosion... figure out your long drives.. if you travel too less out of town no need to worry,, as CNG stations are available in cities & very few in out skirts.. Alto CNG is a very good car.. specially when it comes to save money.. if u can increase your budget.. Wagon R CNG is also an fantastic option as it has an alluminium construction engine.

Posted: 2057 day(s) ago

Pramod Shankar Tripathi
CNG car is best as i own wagon r cng its best in its milage , comfertable, and no excuse for any type of drive as long drive or continues drive or it may be any hill road its all perfect for me till now
you will enjoy this car as its more fuel effecient than bike

Posted: 2057 day(s) ago

common sense is not so common ,if cng vehicles started exploding on collision then the whole of delhi ncr would have died by now .as per court rules every public tranport ,load carriers have to run their vehicles on cng ,if vehicles start exploding around u in delhi's jammed road where 60 lac vehicles travel on road every day imagine for ur self what would happen even state run transport like dtc run their fleet on cng.secondally why and how will the car's rear seat get heated which has nothing to do with the kitas its fitted in the front ask ur friend who advised u about the consequences of cng fitment and created panic to practice astrlogy so that he can fool people by advising all nonsense and make good money by exploiting on lack of knowledge as most astrlogers do.

Posted: 2057 day(s) ago

Fitting CNG kit is safe and gives reliable performance and economical too.However the comfort and drive quality wont be as good as with single fuel versions.
Please check review below for detailed analysis about fitting CNG kit for the cars with calculations as per prices at time of publication.

Posted: 2056 day(s) ago

Aswin Kumar
Alto K10 CNG is best , it gives 35 + per kg, pickup good,sitting comfort is good, Safety is poor

Posted: 2055 day(s) ago

Thanks a lot all for the posts. Basically even i was confused when i got that advice but i have absolutely no knowledge about cars so believed in knowing things before taking this vital decision. Earlier i discussed things with few friends who are good at cars. One of them suggested that i should go for CNG. I liked the idea but then wanted to know things well as CNG is not really used by anyone i know (so no real reviews). Then i happened to call some Car showroom where in i read i could get good advice from experts. There i happened to talk to this person who was supposed to have good knowledge of cars. He told me not to go for CNG. He said that pickup is poor along with all the other so called issues. Well anyways this post and the answers have helped me. Now i am just putting down my thoughts. Personally i feel the major issue with CNG actually is NO BOOT SPACE. If we have to use a good Wagon R CNG car for going out and there is no boot space it surely is a problem. Surely we can't use the car as what about the luggage ? How do you people deal with this. I have heard of good modern carriers which solve these issues. Is that something preferrable and advisable OR rather is that even available. ANyone uses it. Any suggestions ? Also one more important thing i wanted to know something i posted before aswell. If we travel many kms with CNG does it impact the pickup. Is CNG as good for travelling long distance as is petrol. People who have used a CNG car in a great way, rather used it like a friend on a journey, can you please share your experience. Please help me decide whether i should go for CNG. Request you to post in Pros and Cons. Looking forward to all the posts.

Posted: 2055 day(s) ago

btw Aswin, Alto K10 has a petrol version ..no CNG. Did u get a install a CNG KIt..is that what you mean

Posted: 2055 day(s) ago

Sorry i meant did you install a CNG kit in K10

Posted: 2055 day(s) ago

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