I recently bought a 2nd hand Ford Figo Titanium It is a

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I recently bought a 2nd hand Ford Figo Titanium. It is a petrol model. I have got a CNG kit fitted in the car after i used it for 1 month. The car is running well. I have checked & my car is one among faulty cars in the batch. With the recent news of the Ford car recall i wanted to know if my car will be allowed for the recall. I understand that the warranty is void since i got the kit fit from a non manufacturer approved center. My dealer who sold me the car tells that Ford will not accept the car. Kindly please let me know if this can be done & if i can contact FORD to get the faults replaced.
  • 2067 day(s) ago by Sudhanshu Jha
Under: Ford Figo #Cars
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If there is recall for fixing particular component then they have to intimate all people owning the car.Generally the recall is done for for particular components and for cars manufactured in particular period.After considering overall factors, dealers would give call to customers.The matter about kit fitment can be considered later on.

Posted: 2066 day(s) ago

If i was personally to be in your situation, I would get the faulty part replaced, irrespective of whether i have broken my warranty or not, because the recall is for a Congenital problem and not Acquired problem. Good Luck.

Posted: 2066 day(s) ago

dear it is out of warrenty................ thats it they will not change because car engine is manufactured on certain octanne number... as u have used cng ... they willl not give u warrenty...... bettter u sale it .....for more information contact 9855880020

Posted: 2066 day(s) ago

Rajesh Narula
I think Gurpreet is a car dealer, thats why he is talking this way. Infact, Sudhanshu there is nothing to be apprehansive about whether they will change a particular part or not, but you should definetly go and try to get the need full done. Be Brave & Good luck from my side too,Buddy.

Posted: 2066 day(s) ago

It is out of warranty and cars with such history will be confiscated by the company. It is better to sell the car. Contact: 8858352001

Posted: 2065 day(s) ago

Ms Shanthi
I think u have every right to claim for recall attention by the manufacturer.But one thing ; Ford is always customer unfriendly.They always look for excuses to avoid proper servicing.You have one and hence try your luck.

Posted: 2063 day(s) ago

Dear , Better you exchange the vehicle with any other dealers, also you know there are so many other car dealers in kerala, go for other options other wise this will not be get cleared by Ford. I think only some maruti dealers are taking the customers feelings.

Posted: 2063 day(s) ago

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