I m thinking of buying a Duster but I ve been told that

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I'm thinking of buying a Duster, but I've been told that apart from a less than adequate service centre network in the Ncr region, the suv is also disadvantaged by its carbon fibre body. If this is true, that would make it susceptible to more damage as compared to the normal dents that one piles on on city roads... Is it true, in the sense that it does not have a metal body but a carbon fibre body?
  • 2128 day(s) ago by Amrit
Under: Renault Duster #Cars
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Abhishek Dogra
DUSTER is a briliant car with a class engine.they are increasing their service centres.its funny that u already think that u will bump this car and thus u dont want to bye it.but its the best car in terms of a combination of sedan and suv both.

Posted: 2127 day(s) ago

Swapnil Natu
As per my view, Renault is trying to fool Indians. Worldwide this car runs on Energy Dci 130 Engine which is adequate for the size & requirement of the vehicle. But in India, from Logan till Micra, Pulse, Fluence & now Duster all r fitted with the same engine with high pricing. Just think if Logan with same engine is available @ 7.5Lacs onroad that too the top end version, then what is the point of buying this stupid vehicles for 13+ Lacs & all?

I think for indian roads, XUV 500 or Safari or at last the most cheaper one Bolero is the best.

Posted: 2127 day(s) ago

The build quality of Renault Duster is good and can be used in all conditions of road.Limitation is the seating capacity of 5 compared to other SUV with flexible seating capacity.Renault is working on widening service network.
However its s high reliable car and give satisfactory ownership and off course factors like taking vehicle to service center needs good lot of planing.


Posted: 2127 day(s) ago

Abhishek Dogra
Swapnil Natu....Indian roads dont need a farrari or a lambhorgini engine.1.5dci is perfect for cities and highway.To top it all these engines give great mielage than xuv ,safari or scorpio.i can vouch for the milage which is 16-17 in cities.and the turning radius is amazing for cities.so overall its a perfect vehicle in 10 lac bracket.a

Posted: 2126 day(s) ago

Nikhil N
What is a carbon fibre body? It is sheet metal throughout and the bumpers are plastic/ABS/FibreGlass (which is cheap to replace).
Carbon Fibre bodies are extremely expensive to manufacture and Nissan is not dumb enough to do that.
Like mentioned the engine is reliable and the gearing is excellent. THe suspension is also wonderful. You will be satisfied.

Posted: 2125 day(s) ago

I am under the impression that carbon fibre is 10 times stronger than steel and is quite expensive as well. If that is used in Duster, well nothing like it for that cost. To my understanding it is built like any other cars. Experts feel free to correct me if i am wrong on Carbon Fiber.

Posted: 2125 day(s) ago

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