Hi Sir I have a swift deZire Vdi its two and half yrs old

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Hi Sir, I have a swift deZire Vdi, its two and half yrs old 19000 kms, well maintained, the problem is, the malfunction Light ( yelow car and spanner shape ) on the left only tunrs off when the engine is on, and i have been having starting problem, that is , I genraly practice switching on the key and wating for a while before i start the engine, but still some times the engine is stalling as soon as the engine starts , and the malfunctin light and another yellow light on the right ( looks like Rat trap ) truns on and flickers some times,
  • 2130 day(s) ago by Vasudev
Under: Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire #Cars
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As far as the car and spanner light is concerned.it indicates that it i unable to recognise your car key.It seems that the car key has become old so it is indicating that light.I would say that you please use the other set of key which must have been given to you while taking the delivery of the car.

Posted: 2130 day(s) ago

Sell that off for a good price and buy the New Etios Liva TRD Sportio You will become the happiest!

Posted: 2129 day(s) ago

battery problem

Posted: 2129 day(s) ago

Having proper checking of electrical connections and repair/replacement of relevant components would solve the problem.

Posted: 2129 day(s) ago

hey thx guys, figured out the problem the problem was that the Battery is not working fine, I did not be leave it intially when the mechanis from vitess, allied garage and battery wala told me the same, all said the same Battery me Jaan nahi hai , But best part was all the volts , amps and the density level is still fine of the battery, But it still takes a long start and because it some time takes a long start or stops immediately after the ignition, all the other false alarms comes on, I tested starting my car with battery which was 4 yrs old and it worked just fine, there were no alarms nothing, and the engine started in just half ignition start many times.

something hard to digest is that how can my battery go bad in just two years,

and hey guys So which is a better battery< amron, or exid
let me know

and thx again for ur inputs

Posted: 2128 day(s) ago

Meri dzire ki chabi kho gyi h kya gaadi without sensor key start ho sakti h bcoz i m in haridwar now

Posted: 1482 day(s) ago

hey go to a maruthi dealer shop and go for a check in speedometer.abd so they can know about the falt

Posted: 1124 day(s) ago

My car stopped while running no battery supply as soon as supply restore within few seconds car start without any trouble such type of incident occur 4 times in a day while runnin

Posted: 86 day(s) ago

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