I have purchased Hyundai Accent GLE of 2005 model at

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I have purchased Hyundai Accent GLE of 2005 model at 32,000 kms. I Would like to fit LPG Kit in my car .Can you advise if it will fit, what will be the mileage ? pick up ? maintenance ? and over all status?
which is the authorised LPG Kit?
Please help in this regard
  • 2068 day(s) ago by NAGARJUNA
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LPG kit can be fitted to Accent and would give economy over cost per KM.However one has to take into account about the usage,investment and performance.Generally the performance with LPG kit would be reduced slightly than compared with single fuel.Though its not noticeable during initial usage, its very much noticeable with one or two years of usage or say around 30 to 40K KM of usage.By that time one would have saved money in parallel with invested money but performance would have reduced eventually leading to sell the car.


Posted: 2063 day(s) ago

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