I have used 2 years old unused but unsealed branded

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I have used 2 years old unused (but unsealed) branded mobile in my Matiz car. What wrong will happen to my car? What will be my observation in terms of performance, engine sound, starting sound etc etc?. Shall I drain it immediately? Kindly treat this querry with priority and pl give a sharp reply. Regards S C Das
  • 2084 day(s) ago by Nikhil Naidu
Under:   #Engine-related
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Nikhil Naidu
It took me a couple of readings to udnerstand your question here. I believe you have put in two year old, unsealed but unused "Engine oil" in your car. First, if it was unsealed, was it unsealed in your presence (lying in your home unsealed for two years?) or was it the garage guy who told you that. If the garage guy told you that it could be refiltered used oil. The best thing I can suggest is to drain and refill which should not cost much and will give peace of mind. The other thing could be to take some drops on a filter paper (or clean tissue) and let it sit in a clean environment. If it evaporates quickly or spreads a lot it will indicate some water in the oil if you see sediments (however small) it could indicate refiltered oil. Hope this helps.

Posted: 2084 day(s) ago

Was it nokia or Samsung?

Posted: 2084 day(s) ago

Dr JK Basu
It does not make a difference if it was lying at home.

Posted: 2083 day(s) ago

Considering it as about engine oil.You can check the engine oil condition by taking out few drops.If the thickness of oil is increased and there is odour formations then better get the engine oil changed.

Posted: 2083 day(s) ago

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