I want to buy a SUV My budget is low I am thinking of

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I want to buy a SUV. My budget is low. I am thinking of buying Mahindra Thar 4X2 M2D300 with a soft top. Then customise AC and CD in it. But my worry is soft Top,with my family which consists mostly of females. Will soft top protect them from rain. Even in the cabin will rain water get in? Cost of maintaining Soft Top is it high? Mileage? Is it advisable to buy and use it as SUV?
  • 2153 day(s) ago by Gautam Dass
Under: Mahindra Thar #Cars
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If you are on the look out for an SUV, then the Thar is more utilitarian rather than for Family use. You could look at more creature comfort tageted models like the Scorpio or maybe an Old Very Good Condition Pajero, which will not only give you more than all that you are looking for at pretty much the same price that you would buy a brand new Thar for.
In case you want to know and see what you can get for about 7.5 Lakhs let me know & I can mail you some pics & details. My mail Id is arrivideci@yahoo.com

Posted: 2152 day(s) ago

For family usage, comfort and safety would be of top priority.Hence Hardtop versions would be better option.As far as rains is concerned,there is good enough protection with Soft top.However considering leaving the valuables such as luggage bags inside the vehicle when parking on long trips with family would be a big hurdle.Hence Hard top would be better option.

Posted: 2147 day(s) ago

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