i m planning to buy a sedan an i m confused between

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i m planning to buy a sedan an i m confused between hyundia's verna and skoda's rapid..
i liked verna but was happy with its accleration form lowspeed at 3rd gear..
whts ur advice, with whom should i go engine vise???
cost does not matter..
plz help me..
  • 2155 day(s) ago by VINAY
Under: Hyundai Verna #Cars
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Md. Anisul Hoque
I think you should go far Rapid, for the simple reason that you don't see too many of it on the road. Besides, looks-wise, comparatively, Verna is little chunky and gets boring with prolonged visibility. On the other hand, the understated, European (German rather) look and styling of Rapid coupled with the exquisite interiors and super handling, to me, makes abetter buy. And, don't forget, Rapid comes from the stable which produces the awesome Audis and Volkswagens.

Posted: 2155 day(s) ago

Dr Reddy
I think u go with verna as rapid does not boost power as verna does. Looks wise n interiors are far better Than rapid. Only one I might recommend rapid is less price. Come to the point of service, soda service is poor. It's my personal experience. Pick up and mileage is better in verna.
The dynamics and futuristic options are available on verna. Rapid is a old school car. U get driver seat adjustments in verna which is most important for long drivers, no driver seat height adjustment in rapid .

Posted: 2155 day(s) ago

Skoda Rapid has 1.6L Petrol engine delivering power output of 105PS,torque of 153NM in petrol version and 250NM diesel version.Hyundai Verna 1.6L features 1.6L engine delivering power output of 122PS and torque of 155NM in petrol version and 126PS,260NM torque in diesel version.
Considering other parameters such as maintenance, cost per service etc Hyundai Verna would be ideal selection.

Posted: 2155 day(s) ago

Apurba Saikia
Vinay I am not sure whether you are looking for a diesel or a petrol car. If you are looking for a petrol car please buy Honda city unfortunately diesel is not available. Now coming to diesel models. Skoda Rapid is available in 1.6 L diesel engine, from performance perspective it delivers power of 105ps@4400 rpm and torque 250Nm @1500rpm which is decent enough to drive on Indian highways. On the contrary Verna Fluidic(1.6 L diesel engine) is way powerful than Rapid delivering power of 128PS @4000rpm and torque of 260Nm @1900rpm, and that is why you liked the accleration of Verna (provided you have driven the diesel version). Now if you see skoda rapid it has got better torque because it generates 250 Nm at just 1500 rpm that means you do not need to down shift your gears that often when you are at traffic in cities.
Skoda rapid is a great car to drive and has got better ride and handling quality. It has got better build quality and better ground clearance of 168 mm. One thing about rapid diesel is not good with its NVH (Noise vibration and harshness). If I would have been in your place and there were only two cars to choose from I would have definitely gone for Rapid. Considering the build quality and fit and finish.

Posted: 2155 day(s) ago

If cost doesnt matter then why dont u think for more options in that range, i.e. honda city, ford fiesta, vento etc, if you go by engine performance then the rating will start as below:
1.Honda City
2.Ford Fiesta
3. Vento
4. Rapid
If you need more technical aspect can check this site or can help you if needed

Posted: 2155 day(s) ago

verna will be better

Posted: 2155 day(s) ago

i think u should go for verna because its a value for money u might shell out lots on skoda servicing and the after service is also not very good but in verna u might get more for money u actually give more then engine its quicker and refined engine verna pumps out 123 bhp and rapid is some where near to 90 hp,

Posted: 2154 day(s) ago

if you required petrol version ; go for honda city and incase of diesel version skoda rapid is good

Posted: 2154 day(s) ago

no doubt verna is the best in mileage, handling and maintenance. Engine is very quite and smooth . No car is better than this engine performance. Anybody describe if i am wrong.

Posted: 2154 day(s) ago

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