hi i own a diesel ford figo from last one nd half year nd

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hi i own a diesel ford figo from last one nd half year nd have done more than 30,000 kms. yet. i am planning to change the tyres of this car. currently i have company fitted 175/60 r14. is it a good idea to upgrade them into 195/60 r14 or should i go with the current size?? what could be d consequences of wider tyres?? i have heard that wider tyres leads to fall in fuel efficiency. is it true???
  • 2095 day(s) ago by Anuj Agarwal
Under: Ford Figo #Cars
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Sharad Srivastava
Anuj, if you upsize tyre width to 195 from 175 (mm) - you will have to reduce the aspect ratio (sidewall height) of the tyre, which is a percentage factor of the width (175/60 means sidewall height is 60% of 175 mm = 105mm; in 195/60 it will be 117mm, or 12 mm more). This would increase your ride height and ground clearance, but may cause fouling of the tyre with the suspension/body parts, especially the front tyres during turns and the rear tyres if you hit a bump/pot-hole. As a thumb rule, whenever you upsize width, you have to reduce aspect, unless you plan to reduce the wheel rim size! e.g. 175/65 R14 should be upsized with 185/60 R14.
BTW, I think your tyres may be 175/65 and not 175/60...
Wider tyres give you better road grip, but slightly reduced FE, due larger road contact area (friction)...

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

you would also feel the steering to be very hard when u change the tyres and u will get fatigued quite soon as compared to driving the same distance now . i too had done the same thing in my swift and now after next change i am thinking of reverting to the original company fitted tires as i tried to drive again with the company fitted size and i could feel the car to be much lighter and steering much smoother. i even had to get my steering repaired after changing to broader tires may be it could not take the load of broader tyres so better go for the original ,as they do a lot of checks and combinations of tyres and then they decide to install a particular type of tyre. better is to talk to a service centre and its better to have two opinions .... otherwise u may think of selling ur car or chaining ur tyres to the original

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

As mentioned in earlier comments, best of drive quality can be got with manufacturer recommended size tires.

Posted: 2088 day(s) ago

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