I have purchased a 1 5 year old used ford endeavour and had

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I have purchased a 1.5 year old used ford endeavour and had experienced a compliant of engine overheating in my 2nd long drive. Came to know from the mechanics that the coolant is coming back and is getting drained through the excess coolant vent in the can next to the radiator. Please advise what is the best solution for this and if I can sue the previous owner for selling the car without giving this information.
  • 2096 day(s) ago by SrinivasaMurthy
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could be the radiator fan is not working. Check the fuse ot the motor. n your first long noithing hapoened isn't it? How can you sue the previous owner.

Posted: 2096 day(s) ago

You cannot sue the previous owner.
However, if you have purchased from any Multibrand Second Showroom like First Choice by Mahindra or Carnation
you can approach them as they typically give 6 months warranty on engine.
Otherwise there is nothing you can do,just visit the workshop nearby your place.
As it is 1.5 year old, I would suggest you visit ford dealership as if it is within Warranty, some relief can be sought.

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

The problem could be due to malfunctioning of Thermostat or failure of radiator hose pipes ie deterioration leading to improper coolant circulation. The solution is to check all hose pipes of coolant circulation, check/replace of thermostat.Even the pressure cap needs to be inspected for building up of pressure.
As it is a used car bought from a seller, his part would be over once deal is completed including RC book.

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

replace Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

Minoo Shroff

I suspect Praneeth has diagnosed it correctly.

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

The best which can be done is to check the radiator fan may be coz of that the engine is gettin overheated... nd check da whole car at the ford showroom as it iz a secndhand vehicle nd ther may be evn more minor problems... nd u can't. Sue the previous because it was ur mistake by purchasing a second sale vehicle before u check da vehicle properly..

Posted: 2095 day(s) ago

Mr.Abhilash, may be you are right but there is a history of the vehicle which says that he has refused some repairs and signed in the service centre records that he is taking at his own risk. Currently I am having the head gasket replaced but I am not sure it would repeat and I may get stuck in a long drive.

Posted: 2093 day(s) ago

Chintu Saikia
Hi SrinivasaMurthy
do you still have the problem after replacing the head gasket.

Posted: 1374 day(s) ago

Wg Cdr Ajay Pratap
Check leaking of coolant from pump or radiator

Posted: 231 day(s) ago

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