sir i am planning to buy a diesel hatchback car my

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i am planning to buy a diesel hatchback car ... my choice are Hyundai i20 and fiat punto ,, both top variant. i know that i20 has more features than punto .. and i am not concerned about the price.. and also know that punto is a better car to drive ..i am only concerned about the maintenance cost after 2 to 3 years.... please help me .. which is the better option.
thank you
  • 2134 day(s) ago by Mathew
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Narayanan Premanand
Majorly Indian diesel cars are Fiat Platform even Maruti&Tata better go for Punto

Posted: 2134 day(s) ago

Good choice. Punto is one of the best looking hatches in the market and has award winning technology. Just as an option you could look at Polo Tdi since it also features widely acclaimed Tdi technology used in other cars like Skoda and Audi.

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

Joy Oberoi
I feel that the i20 would be a better option as compared to the Fiat Punto or the Volkswagen Polo. This is because, the i20 boasts of many luxurious features, which are not available in the other two cars. Also, the i20 is the safest hatchback in its class and safety features like 6 airbags, ABS, EBD etc. make it the safest hatchback to drive in. As far as maintenance costs are concerned, the i20 would be hard to maintain even after 3 years of use. The spare parts are easily available at the local mechanics and they do not cost much.

On the other hand, the Volkswagen Polo would be very expensive to maintain. Being a German brand, the spare parts would be costly and even the services would cost more than the i20. Even though the Polo's best point is its TDI engine, it would be very difficult for one to maintain it.

Lastly, the Fiat Punto may be the most unique looking out of these three cars, and may be a tad better to drive, I feel that it has no resale value. The quality of materials used to build the Punto's interior are not up to the mark and feel cheap when compared to the i20 or the Polo.

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

Just go for Punto the pioneer company Italian Make the quality is too no compramise with maintanance u will enjoy punto.

I20 is korean make those ppl quality is too bad and you can never look for durability since they are not for quality only on features they make cars.

U can try for POLO volkwagon as well the German leaders

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

thank you all... but what my friend told is that the maintenance cost of punto is high when compared to i20 ,,, i am not telling the initial cost .. but the cost after 3 yrs .

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

punto is a better bet

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

Go with i20 or polo..

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

i have i20 car buddy , so its not compare to any hatchback , go with soon

Posted: 2133 day(s) ago


Posted: 2133 day(s) ago

Urs Daddu
Can take fiat punto closing ur eyes..major hatchengines are build by fiat..durability is good without compromising on power and all..bury all feelings on that korean made products.

Posted: 2131 day(s) ago

Kuldeep Singh
No pinto doesn't have higher maintenance den's the same ....n pinto is d best wen it cums to drive...on city or's d best car til nw in hatchback segment...grt handling wid lots of power....grt looks too....even after 3 yrs d car wil cost same as i20 wen cums to maintenance....nd its on you.... wic...u like...just go n drive d cars den take a decision.....i personally feel go for pinto....

Posted: 2131 day(s) ago

i think punto is better u say money is not concern than you can go for that b,coz compare to i20 the only thing is price which is higher...otherwise comapare to feature .safety is more important my friend and punto is made up of 1.5mm sheet (sheet is the material) and the is made up of only 1mm sheet is the one the greatest feature ...... but friend final dicission is your,s best of luck

Posted: 2131 day(s) ago

Samson Gomez
Hi Mathew, the best way to check out this with car mechanic. I too had the same question in my mind I was very much interested to buy Hyundai i20 later one of my friend is a mechanic he said never buy VW or Hyundai unless u earn more as the maintenance cost is always more in the long run. He suggested me to take Suzuki/FIAT as the spare parts are cheaper and easily available.
I took Punto because it was better than Swift in all aspects as Maruthi is fooling customers by increasing the price for the same fiat engine they use and you don't even get ABS and other features for the price u give for Swift Vdi. I would recommend you to go with FIAT Punto though the maintenance cost is slightly more than Suzuki definitely it is less than Hyundai and VW so you can always go with Punto for less maintenance cost.

Posted: 2129 day(s) ago

this hatchback segment itself can be categorized.
liva,figo, vista - low budget
swift, punto, micra - middle
polo,fabia, i20 -high
best hatchback in low -figo and middle-swift and high- i20 this is open view in the market
but this may vary with the view ur looking at ur vechicle some needs more space then they may go for vista or liva and some need good luggage space and for this swift is nota good car and some need build quality this they select polo or fabia

Posted: 2129 day(s) ago

Fiat Grande Punto would be better selection for high reliability engine and hence lesser frequency of repairs.Though maintenance of both will be almost same, comparatively on lower side for Punto.

Posted: 2129 day(s) ago

Kantharaj Bg
i am suggesting u go for new Swift,Ritz or Dzire..

Posted: 2128 day(s) ago

Gunjan Jain
hii... friends... the build quality of punto is much better than i20 and swift... you also campare kurb weight of all three option... and vw polo also have a good build quality but but main problam in polo is service cost than punto.... and other from safty featuer punto gives ABS from "Dynamic" modal... so go for punto its a good car.... and main quality of punto is his multijet injine which use fully sinthetik oil technology which is not avaliable in any option so punto is requied only 1 service in duration of 1 year period.... so go for punto.... and fiat is not supply this sinthetik tecno. engine to maruti or fiat.... its main reason the other company"s car due first service after 1 month of purches or in punto 1st service due dirctly after 1 year complete.... best of luck dear.....

Posted: 2105 day(s) ago

i had owned punto and then upgraded to skoda rapid. i have no complains with punto simply the best. only reason for upgrade was the instinct to own a sedan. if i am in market for a hatchback i will choose punto again. its better than new swift dezire in space or any other aspect and way cheaper to buy and maintain than swift. if u go for punto and enjoyed it for more than a year u will be satisfied only by fiat product thereafter. there is no one designing cars with just pure passion like fiat. they are the best.

Posted: 2091 day(s) ago

go for punto.... much better than swift.... i also have punto,maintance,safty,fetur,and all othr things are altimate.......
choice is urs go for punto or go for i20 but not go for swift....

Posted: 1492 day(s) ago

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