Which car should I buy I have two choice 1 Volkswagen

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Which car should I buy I have two choice. 1) Volkswagen passat ( new), 2)BMW 3 series
  • 2663 day(s) ago
Under: Volkswagen Passat #Cars
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I will suggest Merc C-Class or Passat to you rather than a BMW.
Well,if you are looking for manuevarabilty Aspects in city,I will like to focus on two key points..Both the cars are good but C-Class has a special Stearing system which reduces the turning radius while connerning by tilting the wheels.Passat on other hand,has a unique easier reverse parking Asist system,which find a parking space automatically and reverse parks itself,if you look at high end model.The Park Assist parallel parking system helps the driver to manoeuvre into parking spaces with ease - even into tight spots. Ultrasonic sensors compare the available space with the length of the vehicle and gauge, more accurately than the human eye, whether the parking space is suitable. From an optimum starting position, which can also be defined by the system, the vehicle is automatically steered into the parking space - in one or several manoeuvres depending on the model. The multi-stage procedure is able to use even smaller parking spaces. The driver's task is to control the accelerator or brake; he remains in control of the vehicle at all times and can deactivate the system immediately by taking over the steering or by braking to a standstill.

Overall,both the cars are best selection,but I will suggest to wait for Mercedes-Benz B- Class which is launching very soon,it's compact ,manuvarable in city and loaded with safety tech goodies.


Posted: 2663 day(s) ago

Considering price factor,maintenance,features, etc Volkswagen Passat would be best.

Posted: 2662 day(s) ago

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