How to protect car from rat infestation I am owning Chevy

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How to protect car from rat infestation. I am owning Chevy Spark, rats are even entering inside the car - big design lacuna!Tried with almost all possible ways (tobacco, naptha ball, phenyl; rat repellents; rat poison etc) but all in vain. Heard about ultrasonic rat repellent, but there is no guarantee- plz advice...
  • 2118 day(s) ago by Surajit C
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Posted: 2118 day(s) ago

As you have tried all things, trying the tip provided by Mr Adil seems to work out for you.

Posted: 2118 day(s) ago

You have to see where the rat is bitting regularly and then you have to keep rat poision cake at that place . If you succed killing 1 rat then in future you will never face this issue ..... Or try to buy the gum type floor mats which is used to catch the rats which are getting entry in the cars .. It will surely help u . It is pretty costly but very effective

Posted: 2117 day(s) ago

I also had this rat problem.rat use to move in engine compartment.I put Posion cake.twice.also i change praking direction.not to park near wall draining etc

Posted: 2117 day(s) ago

I have tried with various types of powerful rat poisons, changed the parking positions/locations frequently, filled gap areas with bottle cleaner brushes in bonnet however could not control rats entering to car bonnet.
Finally succeeded with below two options.
1. Keep trap boxes under car(near front tyres) in one to two places, trap them and leave them 2KM's far from your house (killing is another option but I never did and do not suggest to kill, it's up to you)
2. Buy Tobacco bars (Tambaku) which will cost around Rs.10 (in Bangalore) and keep it in under bonnet(or wherever is required) in 3 to 4 places. After putting tobacco I have parked my car around 30 days continuously and rats did not enter into my car(was surprised and very happy). I see roaming rats around my compound but did not enter into my car because of Tobacco strong smell.
First approach is time consuming but second approach cheap and less time to control rats in easy way and works like a charm.

Posted: 2116 day(s) ago

TNV Raghavan
ultrasonic sound device--brrrrr- should work , leave it on 24x7 ,so that all rats , small & big go away from you car park & vicinity

Posted: 2115 day(s) ago

Pinaki Mukherjee
I have tryed all the things but result is rat still demage my car. Please suggest

Posted: 2092 day(s) ago

I have had the worst time than anybody but this has finally wrkd,put a few camphor balls mixed with hathii chap tobacco,hang them in a old sock say minimum 4socks in the engines at various places.and dip old rags in printing ammonia and place them in ur bonnet,or just hang them in engine.good luck

Posted: 2091 day(s) ago

tecting cars from the RAT menace - Autoshine (Mumbai)
For car owners who's cars are always parked in the open including mine have a constant problem of rats chewing the wires inside the engine bay. To me running back and forth to the workshop was becoming a headache and also trying out local remedies like tying tobacco pouches, getting diesel wash done every now and then was not solving the problem. Despite of doing all these the rats still were happy chewing on wires. Once fine morning two week I was generally discussing this issue with my car detailer Parag bhai from Autoshine (kandivali -Mumbai) and he told me to try out some spray which would deter rats from even coming close to the car engine bay. Without wasting any time I took my car to his place the very next day and got my engine bay sprayed with the recommended liquid. Since then I havent had the problem and even when I open the hood to check for any chocolate/biscuit packets or some fruit remains I dont find any. Previously the rats used to leave behind some or the other left over stuff inside the hood.

So I recommend you guys to get it done. I will post a review again in a few weeks to update if the rats have finally said a goodbye to my cars or not .

About this product:

Keeping Rats away with just a SPRAY !!

This unique formulation is designed to keep away the rats from the engine bay.

Net Content :550ml

1. Clean Engine Bay. Ensure the cables are clean for better results
2. Shake the bottle vigorously and spray the contents liberally holding the can 15-20cms away.
3. Do not spray on hot surfaces /fames
4. Avoid usage of water in the engine bay compartment after this treatment
5.Avoid Eye and skin contact

Contact : Parag from Autoshine ( 9821048334)

I am sharing this information only and only because others can take benefit of this treatment. I do not have any commercial involvement with this agency. msg. from vishwanathan.

Posted: 1815 day(s) ago

Is this spray really usefull and effective? My ac and horn wire is chewed up

Posted: 1703 day(s) ago

Is tobacco a gud and reliable option?

Posted: 1703 day(s) ago

Parag Mehta
every car owners those who suffering from rats & cutting wire of your car please refer

Posted: 1675 day(s) ago

If i do all these things i.e tobacco , spray or balls... while driving did i get any bad odour thro A/C? plz suggest

Posted: 1401 day(s) ago

facing the same prob with my chevy also ... tried tabacoo still it enters and it roams all around the boot space

Posted: 1372 day(s) ago

Are RATS Biting/Chewing off Wires/Electrical Components in your Car, Are Rats/Rodents getting into your Car Engine Bay and Spoiling it ?then don't worry we are here, We are CAR MESH, We Install Mesh to the Car to Protect from Rats/Rodents/Pests/Dirt & Dust.

Many Car Owner's have spent Thousands of Rupees changing Wires/Electrical Components/ECU of the Car.
Many have already tried several steps like using Tobacco Leaves, Camphor/Naphthelene Balls, Mortein Rat Kill, Rat Spray, Ultra Sound Repellent, Rat Trap etc But still No Success the reason being Rats come back again in 1-2 days.

• No Gas Wielding
• No Drilling
• Only Fixing thru Holes that are already present in car
• Mesh is Easily Removable during any Service/Maintenance.
• Mesh Protects Car from Rats, Rodents, Lizards, Snakes, Pests,
Dust & Dirt.

For More Details Call: 9738768050

Posted: 1361 day(s) ago

Hello There....

For Car Rat Problem...please find the link below...

it is basically a Ultrasonic RAT repellent...which operates on Cars 12V Battery...consumes very less current...this unit is always on unlike others which has a wire till ignition engine....

We are getting good results for the same we have installed in in different cars...

Thanks & regards

Posted: 1341 day(s) ago

I am having same problem. My car is new and already paid mire than 6k to change petrol tubes.... frustrated with this rats.. I have changed parking places, direction and keeping po

Posted: 1259 day(s) ago

You can use Varna Suraksha rat repeller designed for car.

Posted: 1239 day(s) ago

Helly Dsouza
Try Car Rat Repellent in car at any time. You will begin to notice the effects of car rat repellent in a few days. There will be an absence of rodent activity. The best electronic rodent repeller for your car will stop rats, mice and squirrels from chewing your sparkplug-wires, brake- and fuel-lines and other car parts. It will also prevent all future rodent damage in your vehicle. Try this...surely it will benefited to you. You can visit to get more help or information regarding of your problem.

Posted: 938 day(s) ago

RAT teeth grows like our finger nails and it needs to constantly trim it. so it chews the cable to file(trim) the teeth.
Drop some waste clutch cables below the car / drainage / vacant plot etc, it will likely use that one to file(trim) its tooth and spare the car.

Posted: 901 day(s) ago

Surinder Pal
Very simple, keep any where snake skin in your car.

Posted: 887 day(s) ago

Komal Pandya
Use Rat Repellent device

Posted: 683 day(s) ago

rats chewed off petrol pipe secondtime

Posted: 681 day(s) ago

Kajal Shukla
We had similar problem for our car & were tired of temperorary solution. we than came to know about carcat. installed in 2 cars no problem for last 8 months. check if they have service in ur area

Posted: 675 day(s) ago

Narendra Jain
i am using grease for all wire in car is the best solution & cheap solution normal grease which is using in bearing & available any shop.

Posted: 661 day(s) ago

Sughosh Prasad
Been experiencing rat menace since I brought my car. It is just 1 month old.
1. Tried peppermint spray and naphthalene balls but no success.
2. Put rat poison cake around the car, but the rat is taking the poison cake into the engine area and eating it over the engine.
3. Installed the Varna Suraksha rat repellent but no success, the rat has now bitten off my petrol line.

Has anybody got an success against these rats which are eating into my pockets with all the menace.


Posted: 643 day(s) ago

"RAT-AXE" Rat repellent for car will help you to prevent car from rat damage.
RAT-AXE is available online on flipkart

Posted: 600 day(s) ago

Rats used to frequently spoil my car parts and it was a nightmare to get the car towed to get my car fixed....I was fed up trying out different solutions.... Out of all that I have tried so far, the sprays seem to be effective over the electronic one's. couple of companies offer rat repellent sprays on amazon & flipkart. Do give it a try, since it has worked for me!

Posted: 591 day(s) ago

If you're facing any problem with car by rat you can buy rat spray for car buy here
it work I used it for my car

Posted: 581 day(s) ago

Hello, There are several ways you can protect your car being damaged by rats.
1) Buy tobacco leafs, its available in some villages they grow there. Just go and get it. for odour it wont come
2) There are sevaral rat repellent are available here
3) Installing Rat mesh

Posted: 542 day(s) ago

Its highly dangerous, if rat enters and dies in A/C vent or someother interior part. It first bytes the wires & small pipes.
Buy rat repellent spray here, many options are avalable in flipkart

Spray at wires, do it 15 days once, then feel the change.


Posted: 542 day(s) ago

Jeevan Nakhwa

Magic Guard Paste is an oil base herbal product which keeps rats away from car wiring

Posted: 486 day(s) ago

Jeevan Nakhwa
Application of the Magic Guard Paste Resulting into : No lingering scent, no more attraction, no more damages.


Posted: 479 day(s) ago

Most simple and easy steps.

1) Put tobaco leafs, it cost just 5rs, place it in bonnet.

2) There are several rat repellent are available here

3) Installing Rat mesh, never tried this, above two techniques are working for me

Posted: 455 day(s) ago

Use black pepper powder around the bonnet and under u r car as well as wet tabaCo

Posted: 415 day(s) ago

Rats are dangerous for cars.
Recently, I had a very bad experience with rats attacking my car. My car was not getting started after keeping it idle for a month, as I had to travel for a business purpose. I realized that petrol has been spread under my car. Luckily there was no spark generated while trying to ignite the engine.The car service people came to the spot and identified that it was caused due to chewing the fuel tube by a rat.
After some research on the internet, I bought the rat repellent product called No-Entry from Nichem.Solutions. Just sprayed in the engine compartment and has not noticed any signs of rats so far.
You could also try the same. Check at

Posted: 364 day(s) ago

Hitesh Sharma
I also faced same problem with my chevy optra in rainy season the rats were inside the bonet. I used first mothball and also spread tabacoo leaves on the engine compartment. This was successful.

Posted: 281 day(s) ago

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