I am having an option to buy a second hand chevrolet optra

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I am having an option to buy a second hand chevrolet optra in 1.75 lakhs while my budget is around 3 lakhs as such in new cars I have an option of buying Alto.....I am comparing between the two and it is confusing....Can you please help me out to select one out of them????
  • 2183 day(s) ago by Ketan Walia
Under: Chevrolet Optra Magnum #Cars
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If planing to use for long term and with much easy of maintenance then Maruti Suzuki Alto would be ideal selection.There is huge difference in maintenance of Alto and Optra.

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Dr. Sameer
Go for alto k10... Its like a pocket rocket... Very economical to run and maintain too...

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Arsalan Shaikh
Both cars come under different Segment. Optra is Sedan while Alto is Hatchback. With Optra you will get that extra boot space as well as more passenger leg space. However, it would be still be a second hand car with no warranty and service perks. With Optra you will get high maintenance costs as well. Like others, i suggest you to go for Alto K10. It will be a new car and you wont face any issues if you use and drive it well for atleast 5 years. Yes, you will feel cramped up a bit, but, if you drive in city then that space issue wont matter with its highly controlled and efficient steering abilities.
With Alto, you will also have the option of reselling it after 2-3 years and buying a better segment car if you have budget then and bet you wont be disappointed with the resale value of this car.
With Maruti, you get good and caring after sales service and you wont feel any kind of harassment with respect to parts as well. So with your budget, Alto K10 is the ideal option. I have it too.. :)

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Go 4r optra its big and better than alto anytime
about maintanence when u compareu r all ready saving 1.25 by buying optra
Spend it on optra simple

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Dhruv Sharma
Like already said, both are entirely different segments. Optra if in good condition is quite reliable, much safer(as compared to Alto and many cars even in its own category) and comfortable for long drives or larger families(4 can squeeze in the rear seat). Service expense once in 6 months/every 5k kms, could vary from 6k to 12k typically at the authorized Chevy dealers. AC is effective, comfort for driver, space for storage within the cabin and the boot are some of the major advantages. Worth trying.

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Alto k10 is perfect 4 u ........

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Mr Shiva has put it very nicely. I had an Optra Purchased for 3.5 Spent 50000 within two months and sold for 220000. Not only that the Car is very nice and comfortable and very smooth it gives roughly 4 to 5 kmpl which is great. Once you buy the car you will be given royal treatment by The company service even for a single washer the car has to be taken to them.
The staff at GM will treat you good until they know you are a bit stingy on spending for repairs an ordinary service with cleaning the air filter is above 7000 only.
So if you want to be pampered GM is the place they actually treat you like a king. Only a king can afford to feed white elephants.

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Mr Venkateshwaran, Well done! verrry succinctly put!

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

Shahrukh Khan
buy a brand new cycle, cos there is no maitanance and you dont need to put fuel in tge age where petrol prices have gone sky up. my suggestion will be hero cycle, atlas cycle cos both comes with natural ac easy to park in city and above all you are the whole horse power available..

Posted: 2181 day(s) ago

George Jose
If u buy a new optra also its not worth for u...now u knows the corrupted Indian government is increasing the petrol price day by day and we cannot move even..Optra will give u less mileage and maintenance is very high...if are luking for luks and comfort u can go for optra if mileage and maintenance dnt bother u

Posted: 2181 day(s) ago

Kuldeep Singh
Go for alto nothing else... dont think here n der...

Posted: 2181 day(s) ago

for your budget u will get maruti dzire vxi model go for indian vehicles.

Posted: 2180 day(s) ago

Alto is a tiny vehicle, with a cramped passenger compartment and puny luggage space.
Also it scored 0 stars in Global NCAP crash tests. The only redeeming points for this car are, that it is cheap to purchase and run.

Chevrolet Optra on the other hand is D-Segment sedan, that has a very spacious and luxurious passenger compartment and a huge dicky. It scores much better in safety aspects with a 3 star crash rating. Also it has much better ride quality. But compared to Alto, you will have to spend more on petrol and maintenance. Of course the 2nd hand car wont have warranty. But hey you are saving 3 L - 1.75 L = 1.25 L by going for Optra, which can be used for petrol and any unforeseen maintenance that may crop up.

I would personally go for the 2nd hand Optra.

Posted: 971 day(s) ago

go for optra

Posted: 873 day(s) ago

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