What are the points that one should keep in mind while

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What are the points that one should keep in mind while purchasing a used car from a private seller?
  • 2127 day(s) ago
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Before buying a used car, the individual should check the distance covered by the car on its odometer, which will help him/her to judge the correct pricing for the car. One should completely examine the condition of the car, including its exteriors and interiors, before finalising it. Make sure that the car has a low-maintenance history so that the individual does not face any problem in the future. It is advised, that before buying a used car, the individual should go for a complete paid check-up.

Posted: 2127 day(s) ago

In my opinion, individuals should consider buying the used car from trusted dealers like Maruti True value and Toyota U Trust among others. In case you are going for business with a private seller, make sure that the car does not require any pricey repairs or has not been in any major issues of accidents. Before deciding on a final verdict for the car, one should definitely go for a test drive, which may reveal some flaws in the engine of the car.

Posted: 2127 day(s) ago

Please check review below for detailed analysis in this regard.


Posted: 2126 day(s) ago

It is advised that while buying a used car from a private seller, the individual should first form a budget and then stick to it. Private used car dealers sell cars at great margins and do not provide any guarantee for repairs or flaws once the possession is transferred from the owner to the buyer.

Posted: 2126 day(s) ago

Before finalising the final settlement, one should ensure that all the paper work has been completed as per the legal guidelines. If there are any issues regarding the same or some other problem, make sure to respond quickly and take an appropriate action as soon as possible.

Posted: 2126 day(s) ago

Amir Khan
watch carefully at yourself and then think cant you wait for some more time to get brand new cycycle...

Posted: 2126 day(s) ago

In order to check the long-life of the car, buyer should inquire the seller about the oil used during servicing. In order to assure the truthfulness of his/her answer, kindly observe his expressions. If the seller answers immediately, please get the oil and filters of car checked. In case he takes a slight pause and checks the records, probably the car is well maintained. But then, do not solely rely on human behaviour to take your final decision.

Posted: 2124 day(s) ago

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