Why the left side rear wheel of my m800 isn t

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Why the left side rear wheel of my m800 isn't moving...didn't ve an accident but i didn't start the car for nearly 10 days as i have another car...but when i tried to start it at that time i saw that there were rats inside and have damaged the seats and i can start the car and after giving the gear all other wheels are moving except the left side rear wheel...also some wires are damaged when i checked inside my bonnet..please help me out to get out of my problem..
  • 2197 day(s) ago by Satya
Under: Maruti Suzuki 800 #Cars
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A.satya Prasad Rao
there is a comman problam in m800 car it was nothing but hand break cable strucked i think hand break cable needs to replease and sawtit out the problam and enjoy

Posted: 2197 day(s) ago

This happens in old vehicles where we have drums with valves behind the tyres which put the vehicle to a stop when u apply brakes. In all cases when the vehicle is not used for a period of time then these drums push your brakes and the tyre does not move. So just replace the small drum and ur vehicle is good as before.

Posted: 2197 day(s) ago

Minoo Shroff
Mr.Prasad Rao, hand brake is correct hand break is incorrect! Replace is correct 'replease' is incorrect.
Dr.G.V.Rao, I hope you give your patients better advice. Replacing the drum/drums will no good.
The real answer is to remove both drums and check whether it is the wheel cylinder or wheel cylinders which is the cause or the hand brake cable.Hope this solves your problem.Regards.

Posted: 2197 day(s) ago

With the type of condition of vehicle mentioned, the solution is to get the brake jam released and later on can be taken to service station for further repair.If the brake jam can not be released then it has to be towed to service station.The rear side can be lifted a bit and towed with help of crane and towed to service station.

Posted: 2197 day(s) ago

it is just brake of the particular wheel is not released, get a mechanic and get it released

Posted: 2196 day(s) ago

Haha, its the same problem when you dont meet your wife for 10 days, no calls, no messages. See car and wife belongs to same catagory, they need care, maintanance and to be driven to destinations. Keeping parked for few days will ultimately will not let your life move. Keep good care of both.

Posted: 2190 day(s) ago

My car also giving same problem. I drove in that condition with less pick up. I got burning smell. Has anythting damaged inside.

Posted: 1963 day(s) ago

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