I want to buy Ertiga my budget is 10lack but i am

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I want to buy Ertiga, my budget is 10lack , but i am confuse in petrol and diesel version. My running is 1000 km/month , as you know petrol price is increasing day by day , is it ok to buy diesel version , is it ok for daily use.
  • 2179 day(s) ago by Jitendra
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Rajat Gupta
If you are having a budget of 10 lakhs, i would recommend you to go for innova, its better, spacious, proven vehicle, although Ertiga is a great product but you have to compromise on space for laugage.

Posted: 2178 day(s) ago

In the range mentioned, diesel version would be a ideal selection for long term utility.Also recommended to test drive Mahindra Xylo which would be a better alternative considering interior space,power and performance.

Posted: 2178 day(s) ago

First of all i would like to tell you, if you are ready to spend 10 lakh, then why do u want to go for a brand like maruti.. liek someone suggested go for innova, and secondly do not go for a diesel car, reason being one it will be atleast be 10% more in cost of the car, which should be around 1 lakh rupees, also indian govt is planning to but some service charge on diesel cars. which will be agaian around 1 lakh increase overall you will end up paying 2-3 lak rupees extra from the petrol car on road, and like your mentioned your running is only 1000 km per month which means you will end up using 12000 km per year if at an average you get average of 15 kmpl, so even if your end up filling 1000 liters of petrol in a year you will end up paying 75000 rs for petrol and 45000 rs in diesel, in the end you will be saving only 30000 rs a year after investing 2-3 lakh rupees more and again the maintenance cost of a diesel car over a petrol car will always be more. so in the whole deal on an average if you use the car for 10 years you will end up saving 3 lakh rupees. rather put the additional 3 lakh rupees in a bank or post it will also earn you interest and you will also enjoy the petrol car. now it depends upon you. if your running is limited i would suggest don't go for a diesel car, rather go for a company fitted CNG car.

Posted: 2177 day(s) ago

Satish Dave
I would suggest you go for a diesel version,
1. as per the above post It will not be 3 lakh more any time now.. atleast if you purchase with in this month, I hope so !.. Even I am buying a VDI Swift, & awaiting my car now,.. i would say you would hardly be spending 1 lakh more,

2.Next comming to maintainence , not much difference except for the point of every 20,000 KM servicing point, they will change all the filters , so at this point it would be roughly 4000 more than normally servicing , and more over you are with maruti so, you should absolutely not worry on servicing costs compares to other brands.

3. as you will not be spending more than 1 lakh for sure, earlier posts calculations will not be applicable you, although your avarage running is around 40 KM per day & as per standard thinking its suggested to go for a diesel version only if you run more than 60KM per day..even then i suggest you go for diesel version , as you can expect a good resale value even after 5 years, I would bet on the petrol prices ..there will be much more hike in comming days, in comparasion to diesel & i know how painful its to full tank petrol than fulltank diesel..

GO FOR Diesel, and ertiga i think there is no waiting period .. so get it before the excise on diesel cars hikes.. Happy Driving

Posted: 2177 day(s) ago

Any person with a basic understanding of the Indian economy in terms of fuel can predict that Diesel price for luxury cars will not remain so cheap for ever. Govt cannot continue with subsidy for diesel cars, as diesel is a subsidized fuel for goods movement and agricultural pumps and machinery. The finance ministry is already contemplating an increase on diesel price for cars. Only the modes operandi is to be decided. It can be a one time excise duty at the time of purchase or a yearly premium. Further, as Gurpreet mentioned, overall benefit and comfort will be better for petrol vehicles and as per global standards all cars will run on gasoline (Petrol) and price gap between diesel and petrol will come down with reduction in customs duty, excise and sales tax.

Posted: 2176 day(s) ago

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