Recently i bought an I 20 During the visits to showroom i

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Recently i bought an I 20. During the visits to showroom, i was given to understand that Hyundai people are launching the same models all over the world. This should automatically imply that all features of any particular model should be the same everywherein the world. But it is not so. For example, The functionality of the Bluetooth is limited to just the bare essentials, also the driving information display panel does not display features like "distance to empty" desides a lot of other things that are described in the handbook that was supplied with the vehicle. I have a feeling that we in india are being somewhat shortchanged by these kind of marketing. How far is this true?
  • 2188 day(s) ago by Ahijit
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This is one hundred percent true. Its because of localization and the fact that there are few people like you who are knowledgeable of automotive fact. Automotive ignorance. There are very few manufacturers who don't do this. The premium car manufacturers usually don't as they import the parts. FIAT also one which is close. Hyundai is actually a learner and a cheap substitute abroad. In India its a premium car! Also not that almost all cars in India give a lesser mileage than ones abroad since the fuel quality itself is so low in India. We are still in the ages old 87 octane rating whereas overseas its always 90 octane. So the engines have to be detuned with a lower compression reducing fuel efficiency!

Posted: 2187 day(s) ago

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Very true, Mr. Ravishakar, all well known manufacture do localisation,to suit the local peoples' needs. But there are good and bad side of it. A direct import European car will, for example will have more positive features and strength compared to Indian made European cars. Because they make cars as per the rules of the Government and European standards. But that may face problems with Indian roads with pot holes and bumps. The fuel qualitty in India is poor compared with westerns fuels. emission norms are different and finally, they pay 'different' prices too.

Posted: 2184 day(s) ago

All most all manufacturers have similar policy in varying accessories for same model in different countries.This could be the outcome of estimation of respective manufacturers in providing minimum accessories and getting maximum profi as possible depending conditions of respective country.

Posted: 2184 day(s) ago

Thanks to all of you for putting me wise. I hope prospective buyers who associate with this forum are suitably forewarned. however, just too bad for me, i geuss..

Posted: 2182 day(s) ago

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