Hello Shiv Sir As we all know that Ford

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Hello Shiv Sir,
As we all know that Ford figo & fiesta classic have same diesel engine, but company claim the different milage 4 both, as for classic the milage is-32.06 & for figo it is apporx 21 kmpl. SIr Why these figures are different so much? Plz Clearify.
  • 2227 day(s) ago by Amit
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good question amit..lets see what all answers you get !!

Posted: 2227 day(s) ago

As mentioned, its indeed a very good question. As the engine used in both are of the same cc and same make.The mileage would be same.If we consider engine and the overall weight of vehicle then also mileage in Figo must be better.
However while driving the vehicle in plane roads with constant speed,no extra load and with skilled driving one can get higher mileage than claimed. For exmple during recent long drive testing of Indigo eCS at one particular stretch they got 34KMPL than the expeted of around 23KMPL.
In case of Fiesta classic they have retained the best mileage got at perticular time.The question still remains why Ford have not tried the same for Figo and claim higher mileage?. Answer could be that they would come up with such claims ones the demand for Figo comes down.

Posted: 2225 day(s) ago

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