Can anyone answer my query WHY INDIANS DO NOT PURCHASE

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Can anyone answer my query. WHY INDIANS DO NOT PURCHASE STATION WAGON TYPE VEHICLES ? The manufacturers like Marti-Suzuki, TATA,FIAT,GM, SKODA had launched Baleno Altura, TATA Marina, OPEL CORSA SWING, Palio Adventure & Sienna Weekend have already been phased out only on the account of NUMBERS otherwise vehicles were absolutely fantastic whoever has used these cars can only tell their experience.Unfortunately the users of these cars are finding it very difficult to get Specific Spare Parts with their respective dealers. Why this STEP MOTHERLY treatment from Manufacturers.....WHY ?
  • 2228 day(s) ago by Shriram Jahagirdar
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Actually the station type vehicles make a good catagory of cars.The drawback with earlier launches was the overall performance suiting the number of passangers/load that was expected. There is huge demand for vehicle with large interiror space and also availabiity at optimum price tag.May be that manufacturers finding it difficult to balance between costs in cluding profit and features of vehicle.

Posted: 2228 day(s) ago

Very True Shiva Sir, These vehicles came in a higher price bracket with the same basic features of the Sedan. so maybe the number of people who opted for them were less. Also if you notice Sedans are readily available in different variants and colours where as you may have to book and wait for Wagons. There is no Step Motherly Treatment if you want more clarity Visit The Fabia Showroom and enquire the pricing.

Posted: 2228 day(s) ago

Sudipto Roy
The Indian car market is yet to mature fully. Station wagons are popular in societies where they have been driving for at least three generations. As a nation we have started driving rather recently. Also, the apparently larger vehicles are not suitable for the narrow and congested Indian roads. Of course large vehicles like Scorpio etc are selling in large numbers but that's because they are perceived as value buys for the large Indian families. Station wagons appeal more to the yuppies. Once the current generation of yuppies have children who go out to buy vehicles we will have more station wagons on offer. Till then we have to suck our thumbs.

Posted: 2228 day(s) ago

Indians tend to associate status with the 3 box car. After decades of hatchback domination (through Maruti), it was considered a sort of status upgrade if one moved to a 3 box sedan vehicle. This is one psychological reason why station wagon type cars did not really do well here. However, the market is maturing now and many people are moving to smart, stylish, safe and powerful little premium hatchback cars again on account of the relative ease of handling, driving and parking in the increasingly crowded cities. It may well be that the "Station Wagon" concept was a bit ahead of its time when they were introduced in the late 90's and early 2000's. Their day may come again, now that the market is maturing rapidly and that the perception about "hatchback" vs "sedan" is slowly blurring and disappearing.

Posted: 2228 day(s) ago

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