Which car is better is it ford figo diesel or maruti swift

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Which car is better is it ford figo diesel or maruti swift diesel
  • 2249 day(s) ago by Sunil
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Performance of both are good.However Swift has slight better interiror space, wider service network.Hence makes better selection.

Posted: 2248 day(s) ago

ford figo is much better then swift. I have both car but figo drive is very enjoyble.figo have more space more feature like 1400cc engine,more feature.firstly both try for long drive.you would amazine.then decide.not go for people talk

Posted: 2248 day(s) ago

They are two different type of cars one is more spacious and cheaper to maintain with good resale value. But there ends the good points if you are the type who enjoys driving loves your car and wants an occasional zip in the vehicle then it is the Figo. The Maruti makes car for economy they are not for comfort if you want to experience the truth go to the showroom of Ford and take a test drive then sit in the rear seat and listen to the noise surely it will not sound like a tin can.
The design of an automobile is an art so many factors have to be taken care of it is not just deciding the shape and which engine is to be fitted. The build of a car should be perfect and strong and a perfect box like construction. The doors and windows must match and seat perfectly. The suspension must me of good quality. All these things make a car not just Maruti swift and add some thing at the back and term it a car. People pay good money for the car then why dont they pay a little more for good service instead of falling for cheap spares and poor service all over the place,.REMEMBER THAT THIS WAS THE COMPANY WHERE ITS OWN EMPLOYEES WERE SPOILING THE FINISHED PRODUCT THEY ARE STILL THERE AND NOW THE UNION IS EVEN STRONGER.

Posted: 2248 day(s) ago

I believe the new 2012 model Swift with its rally suspension, revised good looks and 4 valve engine has a slightly edge over the value for money FIGO.

Posted: 2248 day(s) ago

I am a great fan of Swift, but keeping my mind not to be biased. I believe choosing Swift or Figo is purely depends on one's need... Do not worry about the resale value if you buy the Swift for 7 laks and selling it for 3 laks after 4+ years you can buy Figo for 6 laks and sell it for 2 laks almost you are going to get the same money while selling it because you are paying 1.3 L more on swift. But what is the difference is
1. If you are a enthusiast driver and you want your car to ZIP AWAY in any condition and any where then you need to go to SWIFT.
1. If you want a good car with pleasure driving and upmost comfort for all the passengers then the better choice is FIGO

Maintenance, Support, Milage etc etc etc are all almost same in both the cars

Again my comments above will be applicable for only the Diesel version.


Posted: 2235 day(s) ago

Figo gives comfort for all passengers rather than swift. Its a complete family car.
While comes to LOOK,s ..Its up to you!

Posted: 1665 day(s) ago

swift engine is peppy so zipping is possible
wheel base long
ford uses tdi engine which is outdated. however if the features are loaded but the engine is outdated then how will you enjoy the drive. take a test drive and then decide

Posted: 1664 day(s) ago

Still the Ford tdci engine is capable to compete with any new engine in all aspects. Thats why a company like Ford continuing with this engine. Ecoboost petrol is coming to Figo. Please wait for that.

Posted: 1655 day(s) ago

Iyappan Rao
plz tell which is best car (honda city, figo ,swift, vw vento ,hyundai i20 or etios) plz suggest me good car,,jst i dont want road noise,, and goood suspension for comfort, ,

Posted: 1616 day(s) ago

In my opinion fordfigo is better because it shows better performance during long journeys....

Posted: 1195 day(s) ago

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