Hi All Is HYUNDAI i10 1 1 and Hyundai GETZ GLS 1 1 same

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Hi All.

Is HYUNDAI i10 1.1 and Hyundai GETZ GLS 1.1 same engine?
cos both have same power and same no of cylinders and same no of valves per cylinder.

But GETZ is failure and i10 is most successful, please clarfy my doubt

  • 2261 day(s) ago by Arulkanth
Under: Hyundai i10 #Cars
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in fact getz was before time , indians were not so mature to spend extra amount had it been released 3/4 years laters the scene would had been different People realized only after the relase of swift , even it was propogated in media that i 20 is not worth for its cost ...i.e it is costly but by the time indian buyer was matured and it responded according to market needs but same could not happen with getz

Posted: 2259 day(s) ago

Bro, clarify yoursel first. Who said Getz was a failure design. It's among the most successsful car globally in it's price & segment. Even today, very few cars has the features, space, stability of Getz...

Posted: 2259 day(s) ago

Getz is not failure. Its a good car, a whole lot safer, comfortable and spacious than the i10. Its only that Indians don't understand these. They look at price only. Also getz mileage was not high because of its weight and at first it used a 1.3l engine which was not fuel efficient. Now the i10 is lighter and uses a smaller engine. Moreover the 1.2 Kappa engine is a brand new design of Hyundai..Its generations ahead of the previous engines..But ofcourse Hyundai charges a premium for this..because they have to recover their investment ;). Hyundai being a new automotive company has to do it..unlike older automotive companies which already have developed engine tech over the years..This could be the reason why Hyundai is premium priced in India whereas allover the world its lower priced than others cars!

Posted: 2259 day(s) ago

Hyundai Getz is well proven performance car with bes tof drive quality,fit and finish.Its phased out due to long term in production and as Hyundai started upgrading to i series cars.Advantage of i10 is the updatedness in styling and in production car and hence resale value would be better.

Posted: 2258 day(s) ago

Reading some of my friends answers above leaves one in doubt as to what is a failure, in not selling in large numbers or in being a heart throb of such few. Why a Car sells in India is a questin even God would think twice before answering. To give an example the Innova when introduced people were cautious and even their own showrooms the staff were playing a wait and watch attitude when recommending to close friends.
Especially brokers and middlemen and mechanics are the ones who tend to influence the trend some like pioneers go ahead and try to be trend setters and there on who follows depends on price styling company and competition so when the Getz was introduced there were many cheaper alternatives in the play and by the time the market developed a taste and the Ladies took a fancy to the car especially the AT the i 10 sold in good numbers ...hope I was able to clear some of your doubt.

Posted: 2217 day(s) ago

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