sir what parts should be look after before buying used ford

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sir what parts should be look after before buying used ford ikon 1.8exi 2003 modle which has clocked 1,05,000 km and what shoul b price to purchase this car as i will not able to gve more thn 3500 rs per month in maitance,,but first time i can spend 20,000 in its wear and tear becoz in used car there may b many problms which we cant see what r ur opinions which i should take care befre buying
want experts opinion
have listen that ford ikon 1.8 was not success
and it has some engineering problem to in rivews is it so,,please sir give me complte details,
other friends may also give dre opinion
  • 2295 day(s) ago by Nikhil
Under:   #Cars
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Raju Srivastav
20k may be ok for initial cleanup and tidying but the car is costly for maintenance so take a cautious decision as resale value is also not there. The Km traveled is high and I suspect that the reading is not true. So repairs will be frequent and costly and the car will also not be reliable for long distances.

Posted: 2295 day(s) ago

With covering of over 1 lakh km, the maintenance charges inceases due to frequent parts to be replaced for wear and tear.Recommended to re consider maintenance constraints before going ahead with purchase of car.Generally spares cost would be in par with the original price of car.

Posted: 2293 day(s) ago

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