my new i10 car faced scrathes on both left right door

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my new i10 car faced scrathes on both left & right door while parking.
showroom guy told scrath is deep & need to repaint both doors & cost ~20K.
Is it ok to claim for an insurance for ~20K within a purchase of 1 month OR shall i give it to local garage to clear the scrath?
  • 2303 day(s) ago by Srihari
Under: Hyundai i10 #Insurance
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Amit Baid
Dear Srihari, if the claim amount is coming to 20k, pl go ahead & claim it from your insurance company. the only amount you need to pay from your pocket would be the "Compulsory Excess" portion, which, for i10 would be Rs. 1000/-. Denting, Painting & Labour charges does not attract any depreciation & the insurance company will pay 100% of the bill.

Posted: 2303 day(s) ago

Looks like you are new to the driving fraternity. For 20K a locak Garage could maybe replace a door for you. In case it is ok and not too obvious could you maybe wait some time and get used to the size and shape of the vehicle before you proceed with the claim. In any case if you are decided on the claim do it before the Insurance period ends.
Another idea would be to take an estimate from a local painter and get it done if the cost is less than a tenth of what the showroom has hinted. As you will be eligible for the No Claim Bonus.

Posted: 2303 day(s) ago

If willing to get the same repaired urgently then you can go ahead with claiming of insurance.

Posted: 2302 day(s) ago

Maruti Suzuki
you seem to be a newbie. Trust me don't go for any repair, just concentrate on improving your driving and that will come more practice. Once your confident of your driving, then take insurance and repair all the damages in a single go. I kw now how it feels to see a new car with scratches.

Posted: 2302 day(s) ago


I do understand the feeling of scratches on new car. However, as suggested by most of them, its better to bear with it for some more and then go for the repair. But, just check if showroom guys can do a brush touch-up. This will definitely not give back the same look, but it might be better. I had such a problem and the showroom guys did a brush touch-up for free.

Posted: 2300 day(s) ago

Inquire any good local garage, they may do the job in 5000.
You may go ahead and claim insurance given the fact you are not availing No claim bonus till now.

Posted: 2299 day(s) ago

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Posted: 2176 day(s) ago

sar how to unseen the scratch on the gate of car hyunda i 10

Posted: 1957 day(s) ago

the same incident hs been done wth my 8 days old i10 sportz, but w/shop managr ws asking for 7k. but i ddnt claim....! m i wrong or right. plz suggest??

Posted: 1947 day(s) ago

HI All,

My maruti alto - 6yrs old met with an accident and both front and rear door on the right side of the car got dents which are repairable and the front bumper which needs to be changed. The cost of the repairs after the insurance surveyor and the dealership have put up is approx. 20K> which i feel is very high and they are saying my portion of the payments will be approx. 7500 - 8000. which i feel is way too high for denting and painting of the doors and front fender and all the consumables alongwith a rear view mirror. Look forward to all your advice, need to get the car repaired urgently.

Posted: 1812 day(s) ago

Rohan Mengle
i have 2nd hand 2002 hyundy santro 66000km, 4 new tyre BS change, with proper condication. is it worth to keep for 3 yes more with me or to sell out

Posted: 1728 day(s) ago

Rohan Mengle
which is good bike to purchase in range of 75k to 1 lac, apachi 160 cc or apachi 180rtr with abs, is ant new car coming in this range till 2013 of tvs. suggest if any bikes up comimg new with same as tvs

Posted: 1728 day(s) ago

I have purchased swift vdi in jan 2013. beside us new construction of building is going on and from above wet cement comes on my car and when I saw it tomorrow it was dry. I have put my car on service and service man has told me that while cleaning the car got scratchd on whole body so necessary you have to repaint the whole car. so I want to know that can it comes under insurance coverage???

Posted: 1706 day(s) ago

Today morning my brand new car got sratch and damaged the left side back door .We have get it on last tuesday only unable to park correctly in the parking area. Please suggest me what to do?

Posted: 1459 day(s) ago

brush touch-up

Posted: 1266 day(s) ago

Mridul Agagrwal
Hello Srihari, I would suggest you to check the prices at BUMPER.COM. It would cost you approx. 4000 Rs to get both the doors painted with original OEM quality paint. Panels painted would be covered with 1 year paint warranty against defects like paint feeding, peeling & bubble creation. Also you can save upto 35% of your insurance amount as No claim bonus, so the repair would be cost effective.

Posted: 534 day(s) ago

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