Dear Sir I need to increase the Ground clearance of my

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Dear Sir,
I need to increase the Ground clearance of my Innova V model; I m using standard tyres and alloys OEM of Toyota, How can it be done, Please suggest ?
  • 2305 day(s) ago by Viren
Under: Toyota Innova #Cars
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Please use spacers..It will cost you within 5000 and you will easily clear all the uneven road humps and can also handle bad roads without compromising comfort

Posted: 2305 day(s) ago

This is news to me Innova and Ground Clearance why I think the Speed Breakers need to be reduced in height ar do we need an Off Roader to do the Job.

Posted: 2305 day(s) ago

Innova has ground clearance of 170mm which is quite good enough for normal road usage.Driving cautiously at road hump would help.It wont be recommendable to work on increasing ground clearance as it can affect vehicle dynamics while on high speed driving.

Posted: 2304 day(s) ago

Girish Nayak
Maruti Suzuki
Better to do wheel adjustment in authorised Toyota workshop

Posted: 2304 day(s) ago

Hi, The innova(new) does hit the gronnd at many places, when you exit a ramp where even a wagon r doesnt touch down, if you went over a speed bump a little fast (unpainted speedbumps which are not marked). the front scrapes the road as i lands.. I am less worried about stability. Do you get longer shock absorbers ? Where do you get rally equipment, where generally the shockabsorber stroke is much higher

Posted: 1780 day(s) ago

Yogesh S
Try using suspension buffer for your car. Its one of the best products to protect the suspension of your car & also to increase ground clearance. You can get it on

Posted: 1729 day(s) ago

Dear Sir, I need to increase the Ground
clearance of my volswagon polo; I m using
standard tyres n how much ll it cost me , how
can it be done, Please suggest ?

Posted: 1672 day(s) ago

Use indisuspension buffers to increase ground clearance. It also provides other benefits like protection to original suspension, reduces rolling of car, smooth ride etc

Posted: 1662 day(s) ago

Aditya SIngh
Hi Sir i want to increase the ground clearence of my Hyundai i10 2011 for a road trip to ladakh. Any suggestions

Posted: 784 day(s) ago

This is one of the reasons why I still miss Toyota Quails and hate toyota Innova. Buy Scorpio,safari,duster even tavera or other Muvs instead This Inova. TOYOTA IS ******

Posted: 783 day(s) ago

Psha Mudarkov
Good afternoon, I installed in the springs "air cylinders"

This allows me to adjust the height of the clearance

I put myself the first option, but there is more



Posted: 458 day(s) ago

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