if i am going for i10 CNG what is plus minus heard that

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if i am going for i10 CNG,what is plus & minus?heard that using CNG will spoiled engine of car?what are maintenance cost difference between using a petrol & CNG car?kindly suggest me better option for CNG car.
  • 2275 day(s) ago by KBS
Under: Hyundai i10 #Cars
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The plus point is the huge savings and the minus is u have to fill the gas every 3rd day (depends upon ur running) since capacity of tank is only 9 kg.No extra maintenance cost v/s petrol.They say CNG spoils ur engine in long term.i have been using CNG santro santro since last 2 years run about 92000 kmms (45000 on CNG) and so far no issues with engine.Remember one thing u have to run 2 kms on petrol everyday in morning.Go ahead and enjoy the huge savings abot 55-65 %.

Posted: 2274 day(s) ago

Please check review below and other auto guides reviews on going for CNG/LPG KIt.

Posted: 2272 day(s) ago

Shekhar Bandaru
Getz Prime
Don't worry about CNG. You'll save a lot. And if it's a company fitted CNG, then no worries at all. Best car for CNG is, WagonR.

Posted: 2270 day(s) ago

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