I have just converted by santro zip LP Model 2003 on CNG

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I have just converted by santro zip LP Model 2003 on CNG mode and installed Tomasetto Achille Argentina CNG Kit with Livon Lambda and timing advancer which cost around 25k. My car run around 57000 thousand km on petrol and engine is still smooth running. my monthly use more than 500 KM. After installation of CNG, pick of car becomes slight low and feels heavy at rear due to CNG cylinder but no other problem till date as I run more than 300km on CNG. Kindly tell how long my car will run trouble free on CNG and how can keep my car engine smooth as well as to keep rear shockers in good condition as I wants to use this vehicle for another 5-6 years. Kindly I can use this car trouble free for next 4 years on CNG. from RKmar , Delhi
  • 2254 day(s) ago by Rkumar
Under: Hyundai Santro #Cars
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Raju Srivastav
CNG the pickup may be slightly less and so you will feel that there a lag. You should regularly use Petrol for short distances either mornings and evenings and then follow the given procedure to change over to CNG.
This is because there is less or no lubricant present in CNG due to which the engine tends to wear out faster.
There is no other difference.

Posted: 2254 day(s) ago

Carrying out maintenance as per schedule and also following point as mentioned by Mr Raju would certainly help to use for long term.
You can also check related articles in auto guide section.


Posted: 2254 day(s) ago

Don Johnson
City ZX
Dear sir,
I am a practicing engineer in combustion technologies. Though the covertion to CNG is very common now a days. It is not a profitable&feasible idea.The danger attached to it is more damaging than the notional saving.You are carrying a live bomb in your dickey space. During an accident you would have noticed such gas converted cars, killing all the passengers charring them instantaneously( even when another vehicle was involved in the accident) The gas is stored at very high pressure in order store maximum energy possible. The tank plate used in manufacture is very thin. though it can stand the pressure ,it does not have the mechanical strength to prevent rupture in a collision as the tank is constructed from a very thin sheet metal. In an accident, (even when the vehicle skidded off and turned turtle) there is enough spark to set fire to the leaking gas( from the ruptured tank). Take care!

Posted: 2253 day(s) ago

The point mentioned by Mr Don Johnson is a very valid one. Though manufacturers take care to build the tank with considerable rigidity so as to meet safety norms set by govt.One must give bit extra attention for safety while using the Dual fuel cars.

Posted: 2253 day(s) ago

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