whats the difference between buying a new car and old used

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whats the difference between buying a new car and old used car
  • 2320 day(s) ago by Sharma
Under: Hyundai Santro Xing #Cars
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Advantage of buying new car is that of the newness in ownership, warranty back up,assurance of best condition,etc.
Dis advantage is that of higher price range, possessiveness which many times affects peace of mind even for minor scratch on car(its the experience of many) etc
Advantage of buying used car is that of plenty of options in particular price range.Good resale value(the direct loss of money of around 50k for a very few months used new car justifies the same)Can be sold without much emotional attachment compared to new car.

Disadvantage are the gambling in terms of condition of car.Inspite of being too cautious there could be some or the other un-noticed points which could reduce satisfaction level.The car would always be taged as used car.etc

Posted: 2320 day(s) ago

A New Car is for people who claim Depreciation and for those who flaunt and can afford to change cars with ease, also may be in some cases for those who decide to keep cars for a long time and value money.
Once you purchase a car the value of a used cars is very considerable so if you can find some Car that is being sold within a short span of time in good condition it is a good decision.
Buying a new car or a used car Depends on who you are more than a debatable question I can go on for pages on the advantages of a used car but it will make no sense to a person who wants to use the car for Three years and claim depreciation. So Enjoy a New Car if you Can Afford the Luxury.

Posted: 2251 day(s) ago

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