Hi Mr Shiva and experts I am driving my own car fluidic

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Hi Mr.Shiva and experts,
I am driving my own car fluidic verna 1.6 sx diesel. Totally 3000 kms done.I am changing 5th gear above 50kms and 6th gear above 60 kms. On that time i feel engine has strain and no smooth with vibration.But i get 20.8 km/l.
In 1st service,My hyundai dealer advise me to change gear 5th above 60kms and 6th gear above 80 kms. I followed this, engine is very smooth running, no vibration. But i got only 19kml mileage.

Clarify my following 2 doubts:-
Am i doing wrong driving ?
Which driving procedure is required to get max mileage and engine power ?
  • 2328 day(s) ago by Ganesh
Under: Hyundai Verna #Cars
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Following the gear selection procedure as mentioned by mechanic would yield better results. Plz refer review below for detailed analysis of getting best of mileage.

Posted: 2327 day(s) ago

Raju Srivastav
Please tell me two things:
1. How do you measure the mileage so exactly in your car each time.
2. Do you always keep looking at the dash board while driving?

I think you are wrong about the mileage the car will not give so much per ltr please verify.

Posted: 2327 day(s) ago

Verna Fludic
Thank you Mr.Raju Srivastav
Mileage canbe calculated in average fuel consumption display, We can reset by pressing trip button at any time you know.
So i think i am not wrong.
suggest me if any ..

Posted: 2327 day(s) ago

feel the engine while driving and change gears.Don't look at the Speedometer while driving its risky.

Posted: 2323 day(s) ago

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