Suggest me the Disel car Polo Fabia Liva Punto Ritz I am

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Suggest me the Disel car Polo,Fabia,Liva,Punto,Ritz. I am very confused.My Budget is 6 to 6.30L.
  • 2339 day(s) ago by Sachin
Under: Fiat Grande Punto #Cars
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Shekhar Bandaru
Getz Prime
If you have the kind of budget, then go for Fabia without any second thought. Great build quality and comfort and ofcourse the Skoda brand.
Recently 3 of my friends had a massive accident travelling in a Fabia, but escaped with minor injuries luckily. Even the police said that would it had been any other car, they would gone case.
But be aware that spares will be little costly compared to Maruthi. But due to the quality, you need to change them as frequently.
But in 6-6.3 lakhs budget, you will probably get only Ritz or Figo diesels.
If budget is your constraint, go for Ritz.

Posted: 2339 day(s) ago

In the range and options mentioned, Ritz would be ideal selection for proven performance,service backup and maintenance.

Posted: 2339 day(s) ago

HI ,
Dear you have budget of rs 6.0-6.30
in this range u got some excellent car in this segment and all car company give u a wide choice i give a 3 car advice

1. go and bye the new swift diesel its a dam good car with engine .performance ,interior .u get the base model zx -in 6.00lakh and middle model 6.5 lakh go for middle model its top selling model .

2. go for fabia its a standard car company and they give a luxury interior and mind-blowing performance its a own safety standard. its almost 6.20-6.60 last option go for ford figo diesel car its a family car with good mileage ,performance , interior .
resell is also good .

its a best choice for the diesel car ...

Posted: 2339 day(s) ago

P Badala
Maruti Suzuki
MOHD DILSHAD ALI please not ZX is not a diesel model its Patrol car.

Posted: 2338 day(s) ago

Wagon R
Md.Dilshad Ali do you have any knowledge about cars?

Posted: 2338 day(s) ago

Maruti Suzuki
Zen Estilo
Hello Sachin i think liva , micra , figo it is the best car in your budget. I think micra is a best value for money car also very good comfortable in city driving. Liva is good car because the brand of toyota but interior quality is very bed. Figo is also a good family car and very spacious in this range.

Posted: 2338 day(s) ago

I guess Fabia or Polo is the best option. Just test drive all the cars and u will find the difference. But never ever buy Liva. The product is very poor with low quality plastics inside. I suggest u to go with either Polo or fabia coz these cars need service only after around 18k KMS but all other cars need service after 5k KMS. These are best in terms of saftey,class,comfort,fuel economy and best drive experience.Let me know wat u decided

Posted: 2337 day(s) ago

hi, just increase your budget a bit and go for Swift ZDI
unfortunetly/fortunetly swift still doesnt have a competition.
suzuki isnt a great car making company but with FIATS engine + suzuki gearbox and a European School design somehow they have created a marvel called as swift.

If not go for Polo (if you are not very tall and if cant wait for the POLO 1.6 diesel)

rest all liva/figo etc are "typical" cars...if you a driver's car then your choice is above 2

Akshay T


Posted: 2337 day(s) ago

Pulkit Chaudhry
Verna Transform
hi sachin,
i have read all the different reviews by ppl. my opinion is slightly different from others. personally, when i think about buying a car, my first priority is safety & comfort, on the basis of which i suggest you to go for punto 2012 diesel, base model starts from 5.5 lacs( ex- showroom). this new 2012 model is loaded with some decent goodies even in base model like music system.extremely safe car & comfortable and cozy seats unlike any maruti suzuki car which i wud say are extremely dangerous when it comes to safety coz of light weight. italian looks are something tht makes it look apart and is a head turner. this new 2012 model has a ground clearance of 185mm tht no other car in this category has. unlike maruti, there is only 1 service per year(15000 kms ) whichever is earlier.spares can be slighty costly comparitive to maruti but cheaper than skoda,figo and polo. the next car i cud think off is fabia( if u like its looks)the only negative of skoda is extremely costly spares and servicing.anywys, another intresting option i would suggest is renault pulse which has the best diesel engine among all available options. rest u can visit the showrooms and go thru the details.

Posted: 2337 day(s) ago

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